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May 04, 2007


Sahar Sarid

It's not hard to make 500K on your release day when there are tens of millions of dollars invested in the product, both cash and PR value (recent and past). The issue as indicated is their business model, renewals. I think the first release was horrible and this one isn't showing much better signs. I saw a name I thought was cool for 100K but then just the thought of paying 100K renewal fee (If I read it right the other day it indicated on their site renewals are the same as registration fee) got me to think of how much revenue needs to be generated to cover renewals? It's ridicilous.
But, I trust they will figure it out. They have great team in place, just wrong model. As we all know, when starting nothing is concrete, everything is adaptable and changeable until the right model is found.

***FS*** We'll said as usual Sahar.

Tia Wood

I heard that they only allow renewals for .tv for one year at a time. So there is really no way to lock in a flat renewal fee for a few years, is there? They have a tight grip on this, don't they?

***FS*** I did not know this. If this is true it's an embarassment. Why anyone would front-run a namespace that would sell their registrants into a lifetime of oppressive renewal-fee servitude is beyond me.

Rob Sequin

Verisign is the registrar so they would be responsible for the pricing. Enom is the retailer and they can mark up the pricing.

So, verisign could raise the renewal fee and enom could mark it up.

I have tried to call verisign but they will only put me through to a sales rep.

Cameron Johnson

I just picked up a few, but not without plenty of problems. Just want to warn people that if you go to reg a name already in their system, some names will have a ghost record which won't allow you to follow through. They resolved it for me a few minutes ago, so I don't know if it's gone for good, but...

I suspect all the well-deserved criticism will prevent them from gouging upon renewal, but one never knows with VeriSlime. I know that I will be screaming loudly if they try to gouge me come next year.

Rob Sequin

I have just successfully renewed my May 1 Premium Name.

I have posted the contact info of the person that will renew May 1 Premium Name renewals at my site http://exclusively.tv/news/the-first-renewal-of-the-may-1-premium-dot-tv-domain-name-is-complete-9921/

She gave me permission to post her contact info so give her a call. I did not ask her about other people's names but I was able to renew my little Boca.tv for $100 which was the same as initial reg fee.

So, hopefully the renewal issue has been put to bed.

(Frank if you want to remove that link above:

You can find the article with her contact info on the News page at http://Exclusively.tv

***FS*** Rob, the problem is that most folks buying a name for $10,000 are amortizing that 10k over the life of their ownership at predictable 7-8 dollar renewals. A lot of folks do not understand that "this time next year", the registry may charge them "the same" as this year. If folks understood that, they'd be paying much much less (if anything).

Steve M.

The fact that so-called "big-name," "well-known," "reputable" people are running this .tv dog and pony show changes nothing.

With unstated and uncertain (and one-year-only) renewal fees, this needs to be labeled just what it is...flim flam.

Some .USA's anyone?

Steve M.

ps...and whoever bought realtor.tv (no doubt for many $1,000's--if not 10's of 1,000's--of dollars) will regret they've done so.

The National Association of Realtors; who owns the Realtor TM; is very protective of this trademark...and has slapped down numerous others either uninformed (or foolish) enough to register such domains.


1/ Verisign to date has always had the following stated policy re: renewals:

a. Premiums renew at the original purchase price unless dropped (at which point Verisign can reprice)

b. Non-premiums will not be reclassified as premiums unless they drop

To the best of my knowledge from 2000 until 2006, they have held to these commitments.

There are some tremendous names that are on non-premium renewal fees and always were because they were misclassifed up front (e.g. food.tv at $24.95/year)

2/ To me this is a perfectly reasonable and fair model because it is predictable.

Sure, some names might be over-priced if you capitalized the cost of annual premium renewals, but the simple answer is to not buy those.

Other names are completely reasonably priced even with $500 or $1,000 annual renewals. It is no different than a high purchase price with an installment payment or financing plan (just value it as a perpetuity and realize that you are effectively paying $5 to $10K for a name)

3/ I don't understand what happened in the relaunch and why now, of all times, they have decided to go greedy, but it is pretty poor thinking.

The namespace has a lot of promise right about now, but they are risking marring their relaunch badly with this change and I believe they underestimate the sophistication of buyers/investors/developers at this stage in the domain world. There are a lot of places in the TLD world that one can choose to invest...

4 / It will interesting to see if DemandMedia can turn this around. As mentioned earlier, they have a great team in place


Hey Frank .. astute observations as ever ... nuff said!

.TV is an extension with obvious potential but there is definate uncertainty.. re the undefined / unconfirmed annual renewal costs ..

Tell me who would plan a business around that .. just my views .. of course .. I like the extension but it seems somewhat vunerable .. with this mindset ...

Domain holders - Both investors and end user developers need surety of guaranteed renewals prices ... and set for a up to a max of a set term 10+ years ..

without this .. where is it ?

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