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May 31, 2007


Cameron Johnson

Frank, where are you in here? :)


***FS*** Ha Ha.. I'm north of there Right now.. soon moving south though .. That's the Westin in front.. the Ritz is the big sand colored building (right) .. they make a great raspberry or mango Mojito at the beach bar at the Ritz. In fact I'm going to take a run over there for Sunset.

Tia Wood

I've never thought of it that way. :)


Frank, it is one thing to own a generic but what steps can one take to generate funds to develop? (say one depleted their savings purchasing a nice generic).

Are you into funding ventures? *smirk* If so, when are you coming the the GTA? haha

Dave Wrixon

This is one of the reasons Surnames are have value. The potential buyers/users are obvious and measurable.

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