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June 10, 2007



assume you will keep us posted on the so called "complete briefing" ?


With domains in the news lately like never before, and now this news of a company with potential big $$$ to spend, do you think something is changing in the world of domains? Something that will be looked back on and people will say "yeah, after that period in 2007 everything was different for domaining".

***FS*** It's a bit early to call yet Robb but there is certainly something in the air.. that folks are starting to figure this stuff out.


Frank, may I ask, how many .mobis do you own?

***FS*** I own no .mobi names. If it were possible to own a negative number of domain names to further distance yourself from the name space, I would probably own "negative thousands"

Steve Morsa

Thanks for the early morning (here, anyways) laugh, Frank.

"Negative domains"...hmmm...sounds like a patent opportunity there... :-)

***FS*** Sound of Frank sprinting to the USPTO :)



Was flowers.mobi really worth the $200k? Did Rick make anymore expensive .mobi buys? Do you think his investment is paying off with current trends?

***FS*** Several folks have suggested there could have been an exchange of services .. purchase .mobi's at set price with affiliate rebates or credits from the registry operator in exchange for services. Rick could have taken a flyer and paid cash, but I don't see Rick (or any other players who are making a lot of money in the domain business) backing up the truck for lots of .mobi's in that price range today. Smart money usually flocks to GTLDs with cashflow. That's how the smart money got it's money.


Wonder if this is real and what industry they are in or just a pump-and-dump scheme by the big registrars?!

***FS*** time will tell... this is going to happen in a very real way at some point tho.


it is probably stupid user error but I have NO idea what this post even refers to. the TFF blog simply has a bald statement, a codename and a promise of a revealing session for VIPs.


***FS*** the post was changed.


So err .. where is the proof?

This just smells of hot air.

***FS*** Previous poster made the same remark.. there was a more elaborate post there which has been edited.. but Owen is not prone to spreading hollow rumors.. stay tuned


Yeah it was:

$1 Billion Budget Authorized for Generic Domain Purchase

The board of a major corporation has authorized a $1 billion budget for the purchase of generic domain names in an effort to drive more customers to its doors and keep those customers from diverting to competitive alternatives online. Representatives and agents of the corporation will be attending Traffic in New York seeking specific auction targets and to meet individuals offline with portfolios of interest. We understand they are also keen on the MOBI extension. VIPS can log onto TANGO after noon today for a complete briefing.

Google Cache :)


Looks like it's in the Hospitality industry, according the updated Frager's blog.

***FS*** He means the hospitality suites (boxes) at the TargetedTRAFFIC.com convention in NY


"We understand they are also keen on the MOBI extension."

(checks the data on calendar, is it April 1?)


I would like to be first on record to call this a PR stunt.

Edwin Sherman

Speaking of .mobi.. Apple just released a fourth iPhone commercial that takes an indirect (?) jab at .mobi:


I think once people see this they'll never settle for anything less

***FS*** From your lips to Gods ears


'I own no .mobi names. If it were possible to own a negative number of domain names to further distance yourself from the name space, I would probably own "negative thousands"'

When you're ready to change that, I've got frankschilling.mobi and sevenmile.mobi - yours for reg fee only....

***FS*** Thanks sincerely :)

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