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June 22, 2007



Cool tip.

I just tried in on the Maxthon browser and it worked.


Works with Firefox too.

Bill Henson

Too cool. Thanks. Just tried it w/ FireFox 2,,, worked fine.


Hi, tried this at Firefox with letter openers. It works.
When i type www.letter-openers with return without Strg, our side appears also.
When i write only letter openers and only stroke return without Strg, another site appears. Not so nice for us. How is this managed?
Very strong argument for good generic domain names.
Kind regards
Jürgen from Germany, Lake of Constance

Lee Hodgson

Also works in Safari, either on Apple or Windows platforms (and with unicode keywords going to IDN domains too, not just ASCII). Another great reason to recommend Safari.


works in IE and Opera and Firefox.

Firefox has the bonus of ctrl+shift+enter to get the .org


Works in FireFox as well, nice feature.
However I'ld prefer having my ccTLD put in...

Joel Gilgoff

Guys - this has always been there.

Kevin Ohashi

Neat, works in IE6 as well.


This is a great tip. Note that Firefox takes it two steps further.

Shift+Enter gives you the .net, and CTRL+Shift+Enter goes to the .org.

Now, if we could just convince them to assign a shortcut for .info. ;-)

***FS*** ... and put a .com key on the keyboard :)


The firefox version is configurable, so someone CAN make it go to a ccTLD instead of .com

But they hardly make it easy to do.

Ryan Fitzgibbon

And how about that ".com" button on the keyboard in the Safari browser on Apple's new iPhone? ..

***FS*** Oooooo that would be cool.

Ryan Humenick

To change to your ccTLD in firefox:

In address bar, type: about:config
Scroll to: browser.fixup.alternate.suffix
Right click and select modify

Ravi Venkatraman

This is one of the method to enter .com for the non english keyboard users to enter IDN.com without changing to english language keyboard.

Franky Tong

As someone else pointed out, this feature has always been there. I have known about this at least since IE 3.0 and I thought most people do too, guess I was wrong. Maybe we all should start spreading the knowledge.


Doesn't work here at all (IE6).


I can't believe you guys didn't know that short cut... isn't it your business knowning what a web browser can or can't do? but hey - it's only your life blood.

Wait.... Can you hear something? It sounds like the frantic prayers from the .cm ppl LOL

***FS*** I honestly didn't know about it.


That is extremely cool! Thanks for the tip! I really like your site. I found it on a list of Blogger's salaries - no wonder you were the #2 income earner on the list!

US Public Records

Cool Short Cut!!!!

David Wrixon

The problem is that if you guys didn't know about this, how are you going to get you type-in punters to do it regularly, when nobody really even knows what level of computer literacy we even talking about on average?

The Dot Com button is would be a million times more likely to be used!



There's a full list of all of the shortcuts for all major platforms, including the ones to autocomplete .net and .org addresses.

I love the CTRL+ENTER shortcut. Think about how many times you've typed .com in your life. That's 4 keystrokes x 1000's of times, compared to the 2 keystrokes of the shortcut.


Yeah, it's getting people to form the habit that's the tricky bit.

I keep forgetting to use it, and all I do all day is type domains into browsers!

David V

Nice reminder pointing out the shortcut. It's been lost under the dust for awhile. Since you have this listed under the "type in Traffic" category, I wanted to point out a little (read long) article I bumped into. The author speaks with intelligence, but his words do not. I quote: "Type-in traffic is the realm of grandmothers and the not-so-tech-savy. As people get more knowledgeable about the internet, their type-in usage declines. They stop “typing into” the browser’s location bar and start using the browser’s search tab." LOL
Some people don't get it. OH, but It gets better: "Repeat after me: What makes a domain name valuable? It’s what you do with it. If there’s one thing the whole “Web2.0” phenomenon has proven, it’s that for the most part domain names don’t matter. Pick a word, any word. Is the domain name taken? No. Great. Reg it, and get back to business, building the website and advancing the business plan." As a matter of fact he even uses a quoute from you to drive his point! Take a look for yourself at http://www.circleid.com/posts/domain_aftermarket_asset_repricing/
Hope you had a blast at Disney! All the Best Frank
David V
aka"GenericDomainer" :))

David V

LOL Frank, I finished scrolling to your rebuts on the article I just sent you, shame on me for missing that before telling you about an article you commented on! Maybe Frank, you could point your readers to the article though, your rebuts are very well written and others should see that.
David V

"and put a .com key on the keyboard"


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