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June 12, 2007


Steve Smith

Dear Frank:

Here's my take on Demand Media's web video play:


All the best,

***FS*** A well though out perspective.. and I'm flattered for the mention.. thanks for sharing Steve.


I think the .TV extension is the baby gorilla after .COM and .NET

Toget an idea of the .TV infancy, take a look at HoustonMLS.TV. It takes you to a redirect of Pearland.TV. The owner is obviously a real estate agent that not only shows his listings, but always very cleverly gives cooking shows, Shaq O'neill fitness and all sorts of unlimited opportunities to advertise in a local market.

Think of the possibilities in big city markets for .TV extension like houstonrestaurants.tv, austincars.tv, bostonhotels.tv, atlantabuilders.tv.

Video is dynamic, engaging, the advertising possibilities are endless and you can add any content you want.

I am certainly a DOT COM and DOT NET believer, but I am a definite believer in diversification and the DOT TV extension is part of that strategy.

Lastly, think of the most lucrative DOT COM and DOT NET names you own and make sure you lock up the DOT TV at the very least if you remain a .TV skeptic.

***FS*** Thank you for the advice JT.. again, none of us have a crystal-ball, but TV is becoming less significant every day.. In the future, getting your .PC or .MAC name will be much more important than your .TV.. If .TV had any hope at all of making a difference it would have happened by now. I am officially calling this marketing experiment as failed June 12 2007. Just want a marker out there.. perhaps I'll look back and be wrong. But my gut says this is .TV's high water mark right now.


So far, Richard Rosenblatt is batting 1000 in his last 3 ventures so I am giving him time to execute his vision.

That being said, Demand Media's success or failure with the .TV extension will hinge on their ability to execute their advertising plan and get TV owners and more importantly advertising dollars to buy into this plan.


I think 18 - 24 months is a more realistic timetable to judge success or failure.

As a sidenote, Rosenblatt's original plan was to take Demand Media public by the end of 2007. I believe this is too optimistic a timeframe as they are late on executing some deadlines. I believe spring 2008 is when they go public. With all of Wall Street and private capital backing Rosenblatt's vision, one has to question if all this money will really go down a black hole.

I give you kudos to stick to your guns that .TV will not succeed.

***FS*** I honestly don't have an axe to grind with .tv.. I just don't see it taking-off further than it has already. The catalyst isn't there. I like Richard too (he's a great guy), but Rich could get Carson Daly and 'the girls next door' to do nightly televised foxy-boxing in Times Square; with .tv names tattooed on their backs and 'still' not undo the power of bobsplumbing."com" on every trade-vehicle, in every town, on every tv, magazine, billboard ad. You have to look at it and say .. okay, this is going to be a huge uphill battle.. let's find a different, winnable battle and buy the .com for our biz :)

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