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June 13, 2007



There is a rule of thumb which says it takes 30 YEARS for a new technology to move from invention to popular use. Domains probably aren't any different.

Joe Davison


If I had to take a guess, I'd say that the writer of the first article suggests the no-name "GeekJam.com" as a registrar because he has some sort of financial interest in that registrar. If you visit GeekJam.com, you'll see that it is sponsored by blackhills.tv and blackhillsportal.com.

So, while it's bad advice, it's likely not that the writer of the article is uninformed -- he's just poorly advising novice readers in his own self interest.


Joe Davison

In any case, it looks like GeekJam.com is just a Godaddy reseller anyway...

Dave Wrixon

Ask yourselves how many domainers actually have their computers set up to display non-Latin Character domains, and you will soon see how far most domainers have yet to go, let alone non-domainers.

There are still people out there organising domain conferences, who still seriously believe that all internet navigation should be conducted in English.

Steve Morsa

I probably shouldn't reveal this in a public forum...but I actually own (and regularly use) a flux-capacitor in my own car.

For now, let me just say that you're not going to believe what's going to happen to the "domain world" at exactly 5:37 pm Pacific Standard Time on October 17th, 2008...but it's going to turn everything upside down...

I'll share more, including some critical steps that domain owners should take to protect their domain investments as the date nears...

To infinity and beyond!

***FS*** Ha ha!! .. I'm looking fwd to it. John Berrhill always told me he keeps a copy of US Patent #1 in his top drawer.. He knows time travel has been invented when he opens the drawer to find the patent changed to that for a "time machine" ... pretty clever.

Dave Wrixon

If you really had a Flux Capacitor you need to be going back in time to cover up for lack of foresight before scrolling forward to collect the benefits of that insight.

In the absence of such a device all you can really do is try to draw parallels with what is happening or has happened in similar markets. The IDNers approach is to look at the ASCII scenario, and realise that in this particular market he can equate things to somewhere around 1999. The assumption is that if you make the same moves then the market then follows the same trajectory. Of course like any other operation dependent on a time machine there is always the risk of disappearing into a black hole.

Patrick McDermott

"Summary: Domains 101 piece written by a well meaning novice"

Not really! It says it is written by Territory Media.

When you get to the bottom of the page you see this:

"Territory Media follows the Insider’s Guide to Domain Transfers. Territory Media is available to assist you on your domain transfers and works diligently to help you secure control. Transfer costs normally start at $150.00 per domain. (Based on standard system response from current registrar and administrator.) If further contact is required, our price is reflected accordingly by hourly rates of $45.00 per hour.".

So they will help you transfer your domain
starting at $150 -unless it actually requires any work then it will be more.

Not so very "well meaning" don't you think?


***FS*** Everybody's got an angle these days.. bummer.

Patrick McDermott

"***FS*** Everybody's got an angle these days.. bummer."

Not quite everybody.

Look in the mirror.

You ain't one of the 'Bad guys'! :-)

***FS*** Well thats nice of you to say sir.. and it's true.. i just want to see the industry flourish and others have a good life. So that's an angle of sorts.


$150 to help transfer...THAT IS OUTRAGOUS!!! I will charge only $125!!! (Plus all taxes, and shipping & handling charges)

Scott Prentice

Dear Gentleman:
I'm glad to see that you are discussing my three companies; Territory Media, BlackHillsPortal.com and GeekJam.com, However, I find it difficult to take what you are saying seriously or with any serious respect. First off, I priced assistance on Domain Transfers $150, plus hourly fees, because I've done several for clients from other popular registrars "Unmentioned" and they fail to release domains and make it almost impossible to transfer to new registrars, because they don't want to loose the business. I've spent countless hours not just with registrars but with - Retarded owners who sell domains and then doen't know how to tranfer or "release" them to the new owners. This is the fee, I'm speaking of... If I'm going to spend countless hours assisting new domain owners obtaining domains purchased from others who have domains locked down and they don't know how to tranfer them out of their domain registrar - then I'm billing the seller or buyer for my services to assist in the tranfer and sale. As far as reseller for domains - I have this registrar pretty much for my clients and I find it to be one of the best on the market ie.. Same as the "BIG DADDY" godaddy.com - I don't know who you are or what you do.. other than complainers and smart *&^,, but our site generates over 2 million hits a month and again.. You're talking about my sites and not yours! hmmm.. whos got it going on?

***FS*** Old post you revived.. I was pointing out that small registrars are dangerous, because if that registrar's proprietor gets hit by a bus or flips out and does something crazy (unpredictable), the trusting registrant of a million dollar name has little recourse and (worst case) is potentially out a million dollars (ie. registerfly) .. Lastly, 2mm 'hits' a month .. Wow!!.. What you "got going on" is a whole lotta: "Not blowing my hair back". ;)

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