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June 29, 2007



My humble take... what may really change the whole enchilada is the screentouch. The way we interact with content. Which may mean... great news for surface milan which is right around the corner. In which case... thank you Mr. Gates in advance!


Hi Frank,

Is part of your comment based on the fact that phone companies have walled gardens for lots of their current content?

***FS*** Yes bro.

I wonder if the iphone will allow users to install their own ringtones from the net/ or their ipods/or their computers?

***FS*** I think so.

If yes, then this is likely to affect the sales of ringtones, plus perhaps other services that the phone companies currently charge for.

Intewesting. ***FS*** very ;)


I've always preached the only thing guaranteed in business, especially in the Internet business, is "Change". You can bank on it every morning you wake up and read the latest technology news.

So, it's always wise to be mentally and logistically prepared to accept the fact and realtiy that what we benefit from and works today can be displaced tomorrow by something new that can either enhance and benefit your business model even more or make it obsolete overnight.

One of the greatest technology threats to domainers, as I see it, is clearly the incredibly rapid advancing of CPU power. You can see this in the power of the iPhones intelligent features, especially the way you interface with it without buttons.

Mark my words, the day will come when the keyboard is going to get tossed into obsolescence and we'll all be talking directly with our PC's just like HAL in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. The days of "type-in" riches will be history for the majority of domainers when that takes hold. Of course, that day is still probably at least 20 years away, and the best insurance to protect yourself will be to develop a good portion of your best properties, so "HAL" will recommend them. :)

***FS*** We can have type-ins, talk-ins, or we can channel our request in via ESP - you'll still need an address to go to and that's what a domain name is. :)

Argo Wibowo

Iphone is great.

Do you think iphone domain names are worth to be bought?

***FS*** I phone is quickly going to become a brand which belongs to one: apple. I'd stay away from these names, before the cease and desist letters start flowing. Stick to the generic names and you'll do better long term.


Hi Frank,

Would iphoneprices.com be infringment of the trademark ?



***FS*** Yes, that's trademark infringement and you should avoid deliberately taking names such as those. Focus on generics.

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