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June 28, 2007


Tad Crazy

The new snapnams auction interface just freaked me out. I'm not sure I like it.
Check it out and post your comments.
All I have to say is ?

Tad Crazy

I'll go on record right now as saying I don't like it. I think this will cost them. Pretty supid to mess with something that was working. I am turned off by it.

Tad Crazy

Maybe it's not so bad. Time will tell.


A positive article from a major "mainstream" media outlet.

I did not see the word "cybersquatting" in the whole article...LOL




i think your post is spot on.

fifteen minutes made distinquishing between active auctions, and those ending in the next 15 minutes diffucult.

i was glad to get guys.org 9500 and welcometotennessee.com 300. examples of big and small names i thought were values.

- obviously taking my bid, and using it to discern what should be featured hurts me as a buyer, but i understand the process. makes it easier to bring in passive watchers who didnt search the whole list to just big on the ones other choose.

- not seeing watch list names and prices after close unless i bid was frustrating from a market intelligence position, would have liked to see where some names ended up, and some sense of how far thru the auction i was

- i havent checked your list but construction boots and others went from 1 bidder at the minimum, to 5-6 over bids with i think only two players.

- think what will happen when more and more people actully participate in the silent, i think it can then be a true indication of the wholesale ceiling prices in todays market, and when applicable, what retial buyers will pay.

- still no tool for sellers to see their names and bid recieved and closed sales, monte could add this and see more spirited bidding because i believe most domainers would be reinvesting in this same auction if they could see their sales also.

- now to close these transactions.................

definately felt more competitive this time, good for the industry and me as a seller, less bargains.

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