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June 04, 2007



A big thanks for "Sharing"...go out to both you and Dan for representing the very finest of what our industry stands for.

You both really represent best for all the "People" at a very meaningful level and its a good thing for all in this business to take heed of, its a very "FINE" example of "Propriety" in business; all the while showcasing the fine charcteristics of the Art of "Gentlemanliness"....
You both continue to be shining examples of what we need to be conveying to the public at large now for our industry to flourish and progress as it should at this very crucial transition.

Dan does look thinner, it must be all that focus on running the "Long Tail"... :)


I have admired Dan and his domaining vision for years and thought he was headed in the right direction with Fabulous and ahead of many. This story only confirms my sentiment. Even though he scooped up a thousand or so names I dropped (huge error back in 2002 and 2003) I still find my self buying many of these back - at much higher prices ;) Keep on truckin Dan. Good things are on the horizon...

Steve Morsa

...yea, an' the Sydney MH even "stole" Paul's Biz 2.0 headline from a couple years back...


You'd think someone would be able to come up with something a little more creative than "masters of their domain" . . . it's used WAY too much.

***FS*** true :)


Very interesting, probably the first major story on domaining in the Australian press.

Paul Sloan

Hmm. I really should do something with that silly name I registered, MastersoftheirDomains.com.

***FS*** Das a good name mang.

Lea de Groot

Hmmm... can't comment on the story - may I comment here instead? :)

If you are paying more than $AUD20 pa for a domain (thats around $USD16.50) you are paying too much. Sounds a lot more reasonable, doesn't it?
See http://whatsinaname.com.au/ (Not my site)
But, yes, cheaper would be better. Certainly its much improved from the bad old days of over $100.

'Monetisation' as a reason for registering a .au domain name has been allowed for a while now, so the 'close and substantial' rule doesn't really block anything.

Completely ignoring my greed, I've never seen the point of CCTLDs that were open to non-residents - how is it local if it isn't local? I hope the AUDA review doesn't change that. I guess I'm a patriot at heart ;)

***FS*** I respect your pride and love of Country.. Time has a funny way of blurring those lines (of who can register names) anyway.. As you pointed out if anyone really 'wants' a .AU domain-name they'll game the system to get it (open a company, hire people.. whatever). Australia has always beeen a progressive nation.. Welcoming like minded people with open arms.. Let the hollow barriers melt away and open the space to all comers I say. I like Australia ( the country) too Lea.. and think the namespace will be more important and relevant if manged correctly.. that ultimately makes Australia a stronger country globally.

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