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June 28, 2007



These look very similar to the types of domains sold on auction that I was posting about in my pontification earlier. They are, what a mutual friend of ours called Perceived Value Domains (PVDs). . . New term. Woot! I have lots of these laying around and I'm stoked to see them become more desirable, but I feel a bit 1999-2000ish about those prices sticking around.

I guess if there's a DomainNameNews.com there can be a PerfumeNews.com Right On :)

***FS*** I agree somewhat with that your 1999-2000 comparison.. Cashflow (or near-term ability to generate some cashflow) is where the rubber hits the road. This is where domaining becomes an 'art' as much as science.

owen frager

But they're not magazines, blanche, they're not. Do you see one online pub using the word "magazine"? (fastcompany, businessweek)

It was zine then blog then podcast but even those are dated... think about when magazines went tv (60 minutes, dateline, 20/20). That's where the thinking needs to go into names with legs that will survive the massive culture changes we are about to weather our way through. Domainnamenews is different-- it works for all form factors.. even a widget ticker added to all kinds of other sites. That's smart naming.

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