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June 12, 2007


Joe Davison

Parked domains becoming fully functioning sites is closer than you think...


IMO it looks like a full fledged parking site and not a developed business.


What's the link? Or am i slow in the head on this one?



They have more templates - try this:


I don't think it's Frank's point that this is some sort of revolution in parking... It's evolutionary. 10 years from now, with appropriate platforms and tools, many domainers could be sitting on true empires, with highly diversified portfolios of businesses, instead of one source of income.

As someone who's trying to build a development platform aimed at domainers, I never thought paid search WASN'T content. Parked pages have a great general use and type in visitors prove that point daily.

We're just seeking to evolve and improve the experience so we can create more and more avenues to make money.

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