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June 06, 2007


Edwin Hayward

There's something odd about that story. If you go to eBay India's domain name category, there are only a bare handful of "real" domains listed for sale - all the other listings are for domain registration services. So I don't think the article can be talking about aftermarket sales, as there are less than a dozen domains listed on the whole of eBay India and there's no evidence of bidding on any of them. Perhaps the writer was confusing registrations and resale?

***FS*** He was fumbling for the divider betw. cybersquatting a legitimate name ownership too .. so could be :)


India must be one of the 2/3 domain extensions with the biggest potential in the next few years.

Sales are currently still bubbling under:

Alex Capoccia

Hi Frank,

I just noticed cnet has their own wildcard domain. If you type any *domain*.com.com it will bring you to their search results. I'm sure most people already knew about this. Interesting play. I bet the domain com.com is worth a fortune.

Kind Regards,


Bill Henson

Not surprised. NewDelli is the TS capitol of the world. (I know)


I really think the Indian market will explode by the next year. It's good to have a nice collection of domain names.

Dave Wrixon

India has always been a melting pot of culture and religion. Expect things to be no different in domaining. Domains are going to be available not only in different extensions, but in different languages and scripts. With the Indian Government hell bent on bring out a $10 laptop to compete with the $100 laptop we have all heard so much about, things are likely to get interesting.


>>> Not surprised. NewDelli is the TS capitol of the world. (I know) <<<

It's New Delhi :)

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