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June 01, 2007



Nice post Bob Luther...I hope everyone reads it.



"Fabulous has a domain portfolio of roughly 500,000 (probably more) and in their last quarter they raised $333,000 or annualised $1,332,000 from domain sales. Therefore for a portfolio of 50,000 names this would give an annualised amount of $133,200 which is far short of $15,000 per day. ($ are Aus, 1 us$ is about Aus$0.83)"
is true, doesn't that equate to about $.26 (that's 26 cents U.S.) per name? I wonder what percentage of their inventory they sold? Looking at it from the 'little guy' point of view... If I were to purchase a couple hundred names today (based on the above excellent information) for say $1400, I'd have to sell at least one $1400 name to break even, within a year. Any of you more experienced domainers out there have some feedback on the odds of that happening based on your previous experience? Or is it that the whole Fabulous DNN scenario changes everything, in which case we're all guessing?

***FS*** i don't have the exact answer because I only know what those "in the know" are willing to share relating to the equation data that you base the formula on.. but that said I look forward to seeing what becomes public as the weeks and months peel on.

Argo Wibowo

This is really good information. I'd better go get some.


Frank- I am relatively new to the domain game and I really enjoy your blog...
Please let me know you think of the following names I just grabbed:
all .com's...


***FS*** I think the singulars are better because the plural implies that people are going to come to a directory of several each.. which is fine.. but this is about resale not so much traffic .. so the directory-play runs secondary to the authoritative singular for resale to an individual.. Its counterintuitive, I know.

Dave Wrixon

Far East Languages are wonderful in terms of sorting out the Singular/Plural conundrum.

Plurals don't exist in a separate form for Chinese, Japanese, nor I believe Korean.


Resurrecting an old post here, but worth a follow up. The names I registered were with zero expectations of traffic, they were local service names aimed at targeting local business owners via the DDN. The names were also names that would nicely fit a "develop once, change a few tags to fit" type local service directories and review sites. They were all regfee.

Here's the surprise. People are looking for this stuff. They get traffic, they get clicks, not a lot, not enough to pay for themselves in aggregate, but it's there. Last four from today:

ftmyerspools.com $0.71
bridgeportcabinets.com $0.48
fremontdayspa.com $0.43
stpaulbridal.com $0.25

Don't shoot me for sharing info Dan, it's just a very small snippet! :)



do you have a view as to whether ServiceLocation.com or LocationService.com works better for type in traffic?

LondonHotel.com or

I think that LocationService.com sounds better and probably will do better in the retail market (eg DDN). What's your experience with direct navigation on this?

Many thanks


***FS*** The one that most people would naturally say works better for type-in traffic. LondonHotel.com

Lyn Mettler

I think another hot domain type to buy and sell is anything with "video" in it. Online video is such a hot trend online right now that I imagine lots of folks are trying to snatch up such domains to start their own video service/idea.

According to Peter Bowman, of Avericom, an Internet consulting and development agency, who recently put up for auction 150+ domain names under the VideoLinkAmerica.com and VideoLinkNetwork.com brands, video-centric domain names are selling for $3000 to $5000 per name.

Even if you don't want to resell them, buying complete video-related .com brands would be a great opportunity for someone to launch a service. They would have an entire network brand at their disposal.

For more information about his auction, visit www.avericom.com/news/domainauction.htm.

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