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June 29, 2007



"The PR means he's trying to raise awareness about the portfolio he has.. or the names he has left after selling off the foundational stuff."

Yes I guess so, strange he didn't mention more of the names.

***FS*** Maybe trying to create info for Google to index/rank when people search his name: http://frankschilling.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/05/can_i_google_yo.html



I saw this...and I did not "get it". If you go to the bottom were the email address is and punch in the "netexclusive.net" part...it goes to a blank page.

I thought they might also own the .com...but that goes to a parking page for buydomains.com

And the whois shows the owner to be:

Martin, Charles from Louisiana.



Rob Sequin

Warren.com is well known.

Warren Weitzman

Thanks Frank. Nice to hear from you. It was racecars.com and sorry I sold that one!
Trying to move the whole portfolio now...
Hope all is well.

***FS*** Mystery solved.. GL

Lew Richards

I tried to buy Lew.com back in 1996, but Warren wasn't selling. :)


Doesn't seem like the press release is fully shown at that link. Don't see any mention of selling names or a link to the names. Just ends on the 'grandfather of domains' stuff?

Cameron Johnson

Props to Warren! Long time no speak :)


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