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June 12, 2007


James Barclay

Hey Jeff,

Please get in touch with me. I own Waikiki.tv and hopefully we can do some business.


Cheap shot with that 7k for SEX.TV remark.

Obviously you have sex on your mind too much....usually a sign you are not getting any....

And if you actually read what people have to say - it was a xxxTV.COM that I sold for 7k, one third of the $21,500 that i got for DE.TV.....


Ok i have a question. I own a couple of domain names. They all have a popular beer in the name. The are for online gaming. I do not want to post what the actual name is yet. Sorry

But my question is the beer maker has sent me an email telling me i have to transfer the name to them. I refused of course. They have offered to buy the domain from me for the price i paid for it as well as my web hosting costs. I have still refused.

I am not using the name in bad taste. Should i be forced to turn it over to them?

Id be very interested in your responses. You guys seem to do this for a living and i would be very interested in your responses.


owen frager

Here's a point that belongs on this thread for historical reference.
I never heard it put this way before but on Sahar's blog he mentioned that .com = authority
Great point

David Wrixon

Yes, dot com is unstoppable, not just in the US but globally. It has the most weight in China, Japan, India and the Arabic World. And this is the real reason that IDN.IDN doesn't really matter, nor does who get what. It what represents dot com that will ultimately hold sway. I actually believe that most people will continue to use the ASCII version of dot com regardless. How difficult can it be to recall the World's most memorable brand?

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