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June 12, 2007



WOW...The power of suggestion.

I guess this is why/how advertising effects everyone... if they know it or not.

I wonder what the difference's would be on say a person that has lived in a big city all their life and watches a lot of tv. VS. a person living say in a very rural area all their life with very limited exposure to TV and big city advertisments.

Great illustration on "visual suggestion"... I wonder if the same came be done for what you hear?

Like .com this or that...LOL


***FS*** We just booked a trip for family coming down here using "expedia... dot commmmmm" *music ringing in my head*

Sahar Sarid

I saw this a while ago. Read in few places this may have been staged.


It was not staged. I have seen Derren Brown work a number of times, Go see him when you can.

William Brister


Isn't there an inherent brand in .TV? Looking at it only from the perspective of the consumer if asked what they thought the following extensions offer, .com, .net, .org, .tv, isn't .tv the only very clear inherent brand?

A recent statement made by VeriSign VP Raynor Dahlquist that:

“Throughout the world, the phrase ‘TV’ means world-class entertainment, which explains why major broadcast networks, sports leagues, gaming sites and training organizations have adopted the .tv extension for their business. This trend shows every sign of continued growth.”


***FS*** Watch the video I posted yesterday (tide picture post).. Then take a walk around your city. I have heard several folks say it's faked but apparently it is not.

William Brister


Yesterday I saw a TV commercial on Fox for www.naturemade.tv. This same company has www.naturemade.com. Now why would they choose to advertise the .tv? I know you will say because they have to. However, they are choosing to as well.

***FS*** I have seen lots of co's experiment with .tv but they eventually abandon and return to the .com ... bud.tv is a good example.

William Brister


I just went to bud.tv and saw the most hilarious commercial that they can't show on TV. Those who live on Ivory Islands sometimes miss what is happening on mainland.

***FS*** Totally fair comment William.. although to be honest.. my island is made of driftwood and coral, not so much ivory. I clearly remember where I came from (which is nowhere) and my opinions here are not so much preaching or talking down to new spaces as they are what I believe to be the right path, what I would do myself if I had to start over. Buy a .tv if you can get it cheap and flipper-up to a great .com, but fight the tide at your peril. Now I'm off to Bud.tv to enjoy that commercial with you ;) .. I didn't realise budweiser don't own bud.com till just now. Lots of times alternate extensions shine the light on what the aspiration .com url of the holder is.

William Brister


You are too cool. I also came from nothing. I love the domain business. I am buying .tv (menswear.tv, rvcampers.tv, etc) because I believe it will be #2. I only buy .com and .tv names. Also, I vacationed on Grand Cayman some years back and my wife and I fell in love with the people. Your in good company ;-)

***FS*** You're very kind Bill.. thanks.

owen frager

Funny. Everyone aspires to be you and thinks all they need is an equal chance at a fresh extension.

***FS*** Thats very flattering but I'm nobody special.. and there is still some room out there sir.. anyone has an equal shot from here ;)

Yet few actually listen to what it is that you do that makes you successful.

Ironically, some think that you trash other extensions because you get your thrills by seeing other investors fail. Yet from where I sit you give so unselfishly of yourself everything possible to help everybody succeed and ask for nothing in return. You give your formulas, talent, experience and more importantly time that can never be reclaimed; time educating others that could be earning bigger bucks by applying what you know to enriching yourself instead.

I understand.

You don't wake up and reason "TV is going to be huge and if I register credit.tv every credit card company in the world will be offering me millions for it."

In fact, have you ever bought, sold or made a profit in domains from this behavior? So why does everyone else assume they can?

Instead you reason "dotCOM is proven. If I can acquire a dotCOM with traffic, I can self-liquidate its cost with PROVEN systems already in place, easily manage large and diverse volumes within my control... and maybe make a profit."

"I can compliment and add value to assets I already own by building families of names that leverage a common infrastructure yet can present a different face to different needs (your Wiki and health suite, for example). Now I'm building equity in a company that offers systems and solutions that can be applied to the systems and solutions of others that will enable and empower all parties to accomplish what neither can alone."

You study numbers. You read extensively. You soak up every ounce of wisdom from every smart person you can find and use the Internet to make those connections faster and more productive then ever. You know who is buying keywords and at what price. You have identified a single prospect for each and every name you buy.

You seek legal counsel. Financial counsel. You examine human behavior and know that consumer adoption and habits will make or break you. So you profit from understanding how people work, rather than invest time, energy, funds and lost opportunity trying to build a case for why they should change the way they work.

And you have an exit plan. Each name stands on its own as valuable to someone for what it is- a name, a destination, and address, a way to be found in a world where 99% of what is said done and seen is lost.

You're not sitting by the phone waiting for someone to figure out that your extension makes sense and the domain with it is all they've ever needed to transform their destiny.

Where have you been all of their life?

Right here. And I wouldn't want you anywhere else.

Thanks for all you do and for leading by example.

***FS*** All this very kind of you to say Owen .. I just hate seeing folks make the same mistakes others did.. there are lots of great smart folks who were in names early but failed.. If you can steer around the traps you can still thrive. I might mistakenly miss an opportunity here and there.. but if you wanna make $$ with traffic.. stick to com and you have a better shot.. still room in other extensions for resale ops.

William Brister

Owen, you mistakenly assume that I am not successful in my .com portfolio. I buy .com and .tv names that I intend on developing. I believe you have to start with a vision of the name representing a functioning business. I don't buy names to just sit on them. I have a company developing out sites at 8 a month. I am developing an equal amount of .com sites and .tv sites. Here are two examples, businessproguide.com and tietheknot.tv. I am not putting all my eggs in any single basket. I spend a certain percentage of my profits into development and purchaing new domains. I also thank Frank for his willingness to share (give and it shall be given to you). I don't own a percentage of a private jet yet but I have the Net Jets Marquis Card brochure sitting on my desk. Thanks for you input.

James Barclay


I keep on inviting you for an interview - will it be third time lucky??!!

It will be a very respectful interview where I will present the argument for.TV and you will counter with your .com...

I think it would make for a riveting interview and if you manage to convince me of your argument, I will say so publically in the interview...I would hope you would do likewise if I manage to convince you!!

Please get in touch!!!

***FS*** I would love to.. but seriously am just so busy these days.. life doesn't have enough hours.. thanks for the offer.

James Barclay

No problem Frank,

I am sure our paths will cross one day in the not too distant future and we can have that discussion about .tv at our leisure.

Bet that .tv performance in the meantime will have already won me the argument!!

***FS*** I will watch for it to change things.. and I sincerely wish the space well for what it wants to do.. My counsel here on this blog to those who come looking for my opinions, really isn't meant as a "cheap shot'' at the tv extension (as intimated on your site); I'm just trying to let folks know how I got here.. how they can take a page from what I've done and get there too.. It's not too late. I do not know how long you've been investing in .tv names but I've been a com investor for half a decade and have made pretty good money doing that. I could have focussed on .tv back then and I would 'not' have money. Richard Rosenblatt is marketing .tv.. I know Richard and don't think he would take my phone calls or return my emails if my .com names were all replaced with exactly the same names in .tv .. It's really that simple. I have no agenda other than your financial success. This is free info .. you can borrow what you like and ignore rest. Very best of luck.. sincerely.

James Barclay

Hey Frank,

I do not think you were taking a cheap shot.

But I, like you, are sincere in my beliefs that .TV will be something very special.

You are correct when you say that had you invested in .TV back in 2000, you would not be rich today.

But then, the same accounts for if you would have bought gold in 1981 at $850 an oz and held till today’s price at $651.29..

Its all about the timing Frank.

Between 2000 and today, you would not have become rich because the brand was way ahead of the technology, what good is it having a .tv extension if you are not going to be able to watch TV, live or recorded?? And even when you are, the quality is so poor that you certainly don't want to remind people of that with an extension that says TV.

But what if you bought .TV in late 2006, during a discounted period of Verisign offerings of premiums, and you bought IT.TV and EDUCATION.TV at prices that really are a pipe dream to be able to afford in .com, .net.....

Well, now the technology is here or almost here.

In my interview with Jeremy Allaire, he states that he thinks we will have TV quality shows available on the laptop in 2007, never mind 2010 that Bill Gates predicts.

At the AllthingsD conference a couple of weeks ago, Bill Gates mentioned on five separate occasions how the internet would bring education to the masses in a way never before possible.....you don't think EDUCATION.TV has huge potential??

To sum it up Frank, for the last seven years, .tv was a waste of space. For the next three years, it is territory for the brave and those who don't want to miss out on the huge wave that has already began to sweep its way into town...

So buying now in 2007 and selling in 2010, you may well find yourself rich all over again!!

***FS*** I admire your passion about this stuff, will be interesting to see what happens and I will certainly be watching for the spark of change you speak of. Lets see what the river brings.

David Wrixon


I think the killer for the your conception of dot TV is content. Sure the Internet has the capacity or will have to give you 10K channels simultaneously. In the UK we have 5 Terrestial Channels and it is difficult to find anything of interest on any of them much of the time.

We have Sky which is mainly endless repeats, and a lot of stuff that is imported from the US. All seems wonderful for 3 months after you start the contract, but then it starts to resemble an old 8 track tape player.

For dot TV to be a viable Registry you don't just need a dozen channels or even 200 channels, you literally need thousands of them which are willing to stump up those premium renewals year after year.

Most of these potential registrants could buy just about any name they want and probably do even better with the TV added before the dot.

The other problem you might have is that if Tuvalu ceases to exits as an independent nation then the Ext itself could cease to exist as well. Even this threat is perceived rather than real, it might be enough to dissuade a lot of large companies.

James Barclay

Thanks Frank, but means you will need to check out Allthings every once in a while to take a measure on the progress of .tv.

BTW, I took your advice and regged CREDIT.TV. Let me know if you want to partner up on this name and let it reach its full potential!!




A very good example on how advertising and marketing the right way can be a huge difference for any company. If you advertise your company using a good stragety method you will get excellent response. I always agree that the .com is always the best choice. Most companies stick with .com when promoting their business.



not all .tv's are premium regs. Out of my 20 or so regs I have one that is $500/yr. Will it pay itself off ? Who knows.......... time will tell.

.tv just purchased ehow so perhaps they will increase the amount of content available to .tv holders. This would lead to a more targeted website.

owen frager


Somehow your post ended up above mine. I didn't see it. I wasn't referring to it and I certainly didn't call you unsuccessful. I visited your sites, well done. Anyone with a domain and a dream and passion can pave their own gold road, if they really want it. Extension is irrelevant.

Yesterday I was having a bad day-- this blogging stuff you know when people take it personally and feel there is an extension war they have to defend. I spent a lot of time on forums yesterday listening to people debate my "disgust" to see others succeed. I
sensed some of that was spilling over to here, so I jumped in.

With two rounds of TV (775k) and one round of MOBI (550) there's 100s of millions of dollars laid out by the collective of believers and not a penny in return. Not a single ounce of progress where your investment even made enough to buy another domain. And no one here can tell me three shows they watch regularily on dotTV and come back every week. Or that anyone would want to watch.

Meanwhile Frank developed a system and formula to go from no more than what you started with and use his profits to reinvest and build a collection. In the 7 years since dotMOBI he's acquired 300K names that have ZERO net cost and made five times what the dotother evangualists lost as they sit in forums and preach to each other. This man has his craft down to a science that took time and study to perfect. He tries to tell you nicely "don't waste your money" and bring the conversation back on track so you can really learn and grow from a pro. But you continue to challenge his wisdom and tell the master chef what he should be putting in the broth. This is what makes me angry.

Funny many patients go to shrinks for life and the shrinks tell them something like "your never gonna get your father's approval" so you need to accept it and stop trying. Yet they think you can get milk from a donkey. Here's fact:

The television industry is not going to reward you for your TV foresight. They had their chance twice and past. Twice.

The corporations will not touch your dotTV because no legal department will sign off on what they have no rights to defend or commitment to extend.

The TV extension and the "bake flip and skip" team behind them are on borrowed time and you've seen what happened with CM.

That said, for a personal page, a hobby page, a family album, an address that's better than a Yahoo address, this can be ideal. Even for an enterprising businessmen who knows how to use a camera (winetv.com.. note dotCOM), can be a profitmaker. Great tax shelter too for those who need it.

But don't expect Frank to share your excitement. If he wants TV, he can buy CNN. Get it. Got it. Good.

Deep breath.

James Barclay



Debate is always better than insults....

I could take your argument point by point and counter it, but I don't think you will be convinced, so I will do us both the favor and not bother...


I like to learn from EVERYBODY.......no one man is so great that others become irrelevant.....


I own alot of TV.Coms aswell - in fact I just sold one for 7k last week.....so I am hedging .tv with a portfolio of TV.COMS....


Does 100% increase in year on year .tv registrations mean anything at all.betweeen 06 and 07...or are they all the mad regges of a single forum???

Its a big world out there....learn to enjoy it....

***FS*** James.. You and Owen both sound like very passionate guys.. probably more alike than you know.. There are no kings here and your comment is welcome. But digest some of his as well.. Owen has made a lot of folks very successful and we all get moments in text where we sound overly brash or aggressive but don't necessarily mean to.. It's the nature of Internet forum discussion I suppose. Anyway.. thanks.

William Brister

I appreciate your advice and do consider it seriously. I have learned from Frank and as I stated have seen success in my .com portfolio. I appreciate so much someone like Frank who is willing to share his expertise. I do however sincerely believe you are both wrong on .tv and only time will reveal this to us all.

***FS*** I'm an open minded guy William.. looking forward to seeing what happens.. but I am avoiding this extension. I really hope I'm wrong because I would like nothing more than to see you or somebody else reading this 'thrive' and further the domain industry. Good luck to you and hope you profit.

owen frager

I appologize Frank.

Something in this thread set me off. I think it was seeing myself 10 years ago in the enthusiasm of the TV preacher, having seen Business.com go for $7.5m and burning through 200K registering businessexpo.com and thousands others and investing two years trying to convince deaf ears why they should give me millions for them. I thought I had struck GOLD.

The story is an interesting one that took me full circle over two years to a meeting with the Internet Billionaire of that time- a guy who was always on the cover of Forbes and Fortune with the same kind of headline today given to Ham. The owner of the web!

Couldn't believe I had made it to this web paradise as I walked down this endless hall of a building that used to be IBM (and a symbol of transition to dotCOM taking over the world). Around me were scores of people moving in all kinds of fancy furniture, the latest computers and flat screens, employees getting massages, haircuts, cooks tossing pasta... that was the web then.

At the end of the hall I get to Mr. Big whose office is a replica of the starship enterprise (full size with wax figures of the show's stars). Pictures of him with movie stars, ceos and politicians all around.

I left that meeting with a million dollar stock offer and agreement to join this firm and help develope these names applying their patented technology.

After all those months of confidence and self-doubt and ridicule, I had finally proven myself right. I was vindicated. I checked into hotel, upgraded to suite, ordered expensive champange picturing myself on the cover of Time with my new partner.

Next morning as I walked in to sign the papers I see all kinds of police, guards escorting employees out, movers boxing up what was just delivered the day before-- the company including the three divisions just opened collapsed along with the stock market and the web as we knew it. "Sorry," he said. "A day late and a dollar short. But you had great names and great ideas."

By the time I got to Florida and met Rick it was too late for his education about traffic domains versus what I invested in. I needed income --I had to get a job. So a job I got as I let the domains drop and guess who picked them up (and what happened to him). This is what got stirred up tonight.

Point of all this is if there was a mentor like you today to have set my thinking straight then, I was at the right place and the right time and could have had it all.

I wish everyone well with their domain dreams. Thanks for your support.

***FS*** No need to appologize for being passionate.. Very considerate of you though.

James Barclay

Hey Frank,

I hear you loud and clear.

Owen and I sure have got alot in common - in that both of us seem passionate in what we do and what we believe.

There is no denying the fact that I wish my portfolio was .com instead of .tv, ESPECIALLY as I just regged CREDIT.TV!!

But I arrived to this beautiful world of domaining in the spring of 2006 with nothing but a credit card and high hopes....

So any big investments in .com was not an option for me...

Yet so far I have recouped all my money on premium domains from sales of a few of my names.....and am really happy about a recent TV.COM sale because it bore out a strategy I thought of less than 9 months ago and I made 1000 the amount invested.....

Still chump change to the big guys, but it gives me the incentive to take bigger risks

Not sure where I am going with all this!!!

I wish Owen the best of luck as I do yourself Frank - if you need it that is!!

Thats my lot for this topic...



G'day to all,

Since the last few questions and answers were revolving around the .tv extension, I would like to get comments on the IDN, .tv names.


owen frager

One final thought. Have been reading up on IPTV, the stronger infrastructure needed to feed a bigger cleaner picture... not sure if YouTube and DemandMedia offer that. But these articles suggest TV won't come from the PC at all, but rather the XBOX. Our world is changing so fast..... you can't even make assumptions based on the way anything is today.




Charley, IDN .tv is great for those getting into IDN's now. Hopefully in a bit or so you can sell those $30/yr names for a few hundred. Note premium idn.tv names do not hold premium .tv registry prices. ;-)

owen frager

Good fun, but I'm not going to comment on extensions again.

But what I should let everyone know, is that if you have a great TV, I've got something better: content. I was heavy in the film/video biz for years and learned how to produce for long-term leverage. So I've got news sets, the largest stock library of hawaiian footage (used to do the coke nfl spots and my major client was Hawaii Conventions), all kinds of stock shots, sales tips, service tips, career minutes, pet minutes, expert testimony, neat openings and closings with special effects of technology innovations, law firm commercial templates and more.

One of our companies Tropical Attractions (yes I let the name drop) has a complete plug and play system for creating promotional videos for sales conventions in Hawaii. We have every island, every hotel and i've been waiting for the web to make it self-serve. Had been producing these for Apple, IBM etc but suspended the business to focus on the web where I could do these with less middlemen and hassle.

Law firms too are drop your logo over stock choice 2. Also 6000 hours of digitally remixed licensed music, packaging, fill in the blank scripts etc. What used to cost $200K to create for Coke can be repurposed to you for $200! Now that's the TV opportunity from where I sit (and sale of expertcity proves it).
I'm going to be working on the first one soon and it will blow everyone away when you see the quality, the details of using video to explain these web issues, plus the interactive console it plays in, licensed from the porn industry!

Just another moment on IDN and extensions. I was searching through board archives today looking for the Amazon domain acquisition plan that I posted in 2005. Also found three-letter domain announced in 12/05 with write up why MAC over Amazon and eBay stock. Then came across announcement that singlemen and singlewoman had sold on ebay for $80K. I commented that I had singleboy.com so this is good news. The reply was "no culture other than India uses those words together, worthless. Well, no culture that you can think of because in the gay culture this is a reality show in the making.
So it shows that knowledge is power, especially in domains.

Frank: Curious what TV sold for $7k- was it sex

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