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June 12, 2007


Javier Marti

This guy clearly agrees with you on the dotmobi issue
I remember that you own a "negative number of .mobi names" ;)
Do you think he is right on what he points out on that particular post,is it more related to traffic and technical reasons, or the people behind the extension?



***FS*** A little of both.. It feels like such a bag of smoke to some domainers. We've all seen new extensions come and go with the promise of "this time is different" or "this is special" , so when you see the iphone work like a normal browser with no mobi ext., it just reinforces what certain domainers saw coming.


Yes, the .mobi premise survives only if you believe that mobile phone screens will always be smaller than 640x480.

Can't see that happening. .mobi has a very short shelf life.

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