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July 22, 2007



actually this was an AP article that was originally featured in newsday - these other papers took so long to publish this particular ap article..

I guess they want of us rich domain reader demographics


Sunday - Same article is featured in Yahoo Finance and linked from Yahoo's front page.

Yahoo's Frontpage news looks like this:

As of 12:12 p.m.

• Taliban extends Korean hostage deadline
• Sen. Feingold proposes censuring Bush
• General seeks troop cut in northern Iraq
• Sudan rejects use of force by peacekeeping troops in Darfur
• Internet domain name trading could be $4 billion industry by 2010
• Series of severe dust storms could cripple Mars rovers
• Contador wins stage, Rasmussen extends leadTour de France
• MLB · British Open · Tour de France · Soccer · NFL · NBA

Domainer's Gazette

this story is now on the yahoo homepage under 'In the News' too

"Internet domain name trading could be $4 billion industry by 2010"


Steve Morsa

...and now also on the home page of Yahoo...

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