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July 19, 2007


Cameron Johnson

Great, maybe Yahoo can give me back the 15% (or more it seems to me) they routinely claw back from my revenue simply because of their blanket bogus policy.

***FS*** mine too :)

It gets tiring, really, really tiring. And one day, when we band together, it will be enough already. As you Frank have noted, the strange phenomenon where prime generics with high CTR are put in the same lockup with truly scamerama names is simply more stomach acid for an angry domainer.

Get me some wine, and pronto! :(

***FS*** HA! .. Easy tiger.. everything should be okay .. for us anyway ;)

Frank, do these figures square with your numbers? In their press release they are positing that just over 25% of the clicks in the content channel are fraudulent. Seems high to me, but then again I don't operate in that channel too much, yet.

I just don't see anywhere near the numbers they cite as fraud in the PPC campaigns I've been around. Maybe I'm just shielded from verticals that are getting hammered? It would be nice if they sliced it up by vertical to make the data more relevant.

***FS*** Uhhh yeah! It seems 'very' high.. I think it's totally incorrect. It would have been nice if they gave more color.

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