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July 19, 2007



Yeah most people still seem to think you need to have a company or business name the same or similar to the web name. Others seem to have worked out differently.

Domain Name: banks.com.au
Registrant Email: enquiry@lawyers.com.au

Fabulous stuff.



Danno, it is sooooo funny seeing Jimmy MacArthur's photo everytime I read your comments.

Adopted son of the great Helen Hayes. I attended boarding school with Jimmy and his first wife Joyce Bulifant. Both 2 years ahead of me. Joyce was on Hollywood Squares frequently. Really "perky" blond. Jimmy later went on the wife 2 - forget her name - starred as dumb blond on "F Troop."

Helen Hayes used to come to Solebury Prep, (New Hope, PA) every year (1954-1958) with a huge entourage of stagehands, set up and perform for us, free. What I treat! Although I was only in my early teens, her shows were nonetheless amazing for the times. Broadway transported to our little gym on the Delaware.

Jimmy lettered in varsity football, basketball and baseball. Terrific athlete, and very competitive. Case ya didn't know.

***FS*** Wow.. please pass along my best regards.

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