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July 19, 2007



The only thing i want socialized is health care and education. Some governmental controls to keep rogue domain businesses in good practice is ok but definitely not good for them to run their own registry. Very easy like you said Frank of the government overstepping its bounds.


Who runs the other CCTLD's like .de and .co.uk?


So, if approved, what do you think this means for existing .us domain holders (I own Gamble.us for one)? You're expertise is definitely needed here.

***FS**** That's a good question.. gambling online certainly runs counter to existing US regulations. Depends on your implementation I suppose.. Helping people get help for their gambling adiction on the other hand is not.


"There's no traffic in the .US space"?

A sweeping statement sir, do you have traffic data for every .US domain? It isn't .com by a long shot, but I have several hundred .US names paying for themselves in aggregate just fine from the traffic they receive.

As for the DOC running the registry, there's another (opposite) possible angle for this - they know that sooner or later the USA will lose oversight of the GTLDs and want better control over .US. It remains to be seen whether loss of GTLD oversight would make .US more revelant back home, but it certainly couldnt make it any less :)

***FS*** Okay .. there is "some" traffic. But precious little... with a very long tail. Thanks for the addtl comment on the oversight issue.

Patrick McDermott

I think DomainNews misunderstood. There is nothing in the link provided by DomainNews that indicates DOC wants to run the .US Registry.

The DOC already oversees the .US country code.

I snipped the DomainNews link. If you read the D.O.C. document there:


you'll see it's listed under Federal Business Opportunities.

Quote: "DoC intends to procure the services of a Contractor to manage, maintain, and operate the usTLD under NTIA?s supervision.".

NTIA is National Telecommunications and Information Administration. NTIA is an agency of DOC.

More about them here:

According to the document the NTIA is already supervising the .US country code for the DOC so this would not be anything new.

Quote: "NTIA has ensured the stability and security of the DNS country code top-level domain for the United States (usTLD or .us domain) by supervising administration of the usTLD for the benefit of the nation?s Internet community.".

See here:

"NTIA advises the Department on a variety of Internet issues and supervises administration of the country code top-level domain for the United States (usTLD or .us domain).".

The Neustar contract is expiring on October 25,2007.

See the relationship between Neustar, DOC
and NTIA here:

It seems DOC is just soliciting bids to manage the .US namespace which in all likelihood they are required to do.


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