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July 08, 2007



I, of course, wish the best of luck to any domainer who would like to delve into the development side. But this activity has become a lot stricter in the last year, year and a half. In my humble opinion, it will require a lot more than just mashups and ninging a page to score highly enough in order to get that traffic that may convert. When I say stricter I mean that search engines are -and have been- looking for many little signals that will send the message of a well-thought, well-built website that may also have the attributes of authority in the works, usually a grassroots twist. Fail to convey this message and the site may still get some traffic but not the cream on the top, which is the only traffic that converts well. Scoring high and maintaining the site up has become very laborious and intensive, even for the long-tail and while some may see quick initial success, this may fade as days and weeks go by. Even the best might see ups and downs and downs and ups.

Ultimately, what is being judged at the search engine level is the satisfaction of the SE client/user which would normally require *more than enough* information -including responding queries perhaps via a forum- before clicking (ads, maybe) to the next level. The way {it appears} the game is being presented, is that being at the top is a "priviledge" that is earned over time. And there are guys out there that have had those positions for a while and will not let them go without a fight. To top it all off, search engines may have learned by now the who-is-who in the world of prominent keywords and could judge who is really busting their butts and who is slacking. So in a way, scoring high for certain terms may now have a 'personalized' component even though there is no way to prove that humans are behind the many editorial decisions that can result in good or poor results. Publicly, it is all algorythmically achieved, and this may just be the other side of the coin... But this is just my own crazy speculation. Briefly, it is not JUST creating content with SEO in mind hoping for the best. It is interacting with search engines in a dynamic, ever-changing relationship. Yes, it is a relationship. Divorce and restraining orders included!

Nevertheless, this should not deter anyone from trying to build their own personal media fortress. For the benefit of everyone involved, quite the contrary!

***FS*** Thanks sincerely for your comment.


I have to agree with the above. I understand, and can apply front-end web design, SEO, and domains. Have applied these concepts for two years. It is not the killer app domainers seek.



Nice post.

IMHO...this is why I am "so very tired" of the top 3 search engines. They have "hijacked" 80% of the Internet...making everyone in the free world play their game...by their rule's.

This needs to change...and will...just need a few domainers with an idea and some balls...oh yea, some money...LOL

You have MSN...who's not even a search engine company, its a "software company" trying to develop a SE on the side and have tried by pumping 100's of millions of dollars into it over the last 3 years...and have failed miserably. It's not enough that they control almost 90% of the PC's in the world...they want total domination of what and were you do anything on the Internet.

You have Google...was a search engine company...trying to become a MSN/Apple combined...a software/media/entertainment company...financed by what is/ will become their "side business" (Google search)

Yahoo...one of the oldest "directory's" on the Internet...that has also failed miserably...trying to be Google...their contextual advertising system for publishers is still awful. They still do not know who they are or what they are.

How will this change?

When a group of a few individuals come together...step up and realize it does not and should not be this way...three conglomerates controlling every ones business (under a 50M market cap) income with the slightest change in their search engine.

Every search on Google has an eBay ad...Why? Can you get your business listed on google for every keyword invented?

Is it right that Google and Firefox have "colluded" together for their mutual benefit?

Why are the top 5 results on search engines...either from a corporation with a market cap over 50M or something that does not help the searcher at all?

Time for this to change...

When was it we the people, coincided the Internet to just a handful of companies?

Good news is... I think I have solved this problem. Bad news... I need a few people with some "vision".

Domainer's with some "vision" is about as good as it gets for the Internet...Why?

Because, domains are starting point to access anything on the Internet...if used correctly....the way they should be used.

The top three SE's...have "perverted search on the Internet". And all that SEOing has been the last 3 years...is how to "please Google".

Time to bring some "order" (domain search order) to the Internet and take a big chunk of the "control" away from the three companies mentioned above...and make the Internet better for everyone.

In other words...screw the top 3 search engines at their own game.

Sorry this was so long...but sometimes its hard for me to articulate the truth.


BTW: Be careful... if you ever ask me what I really think...LOL

***FS*** lots of great points.

Javier Marti

Hi Frank
More on the subject of SEO, from another angle:
""I expect the weight on domain names to be lowered significantly (especially for competitive queries) as Google moves toward incorporation more usage data into their relevancy algorithms. This is especially true if many domainers put up low quality to average quality websites on premium domain names. Moves like creating 100,000 keyword laden sites in one massive push (as Marchex recently did) don't bode well for the future of domain names as a signal of quality.""


I thought the same as Aaron when Marchex released their domains publicly. I may be wrong, but couldn't see the benefit of ringing Google's alarm like that.

Maybe Marchex know something that I don't (I don't overestimate my knowledge in this area) but they should also know that it is fairly easy and quick for Google to automate in SERPs the downgrade of any site associated to a certain company, or that responds to certain common features.

Yes, I can hear you saying that they have such great domains that they don't need google because they get most direct nav. traffic, and I understand that. But should they have been more discreet, they could benefit from both sources until Google joined the dots.

Unfortunately we live in king Google's realm..."we are not free" anymore for quite some time now.

Maybe you can comment or you are in touch with the Marchex guys and they can give their take on this?


Javier Marti



Interesting piece. Without a doubt the next big wave to sweep the domain industry. I envisioned this trend a while ago, which led me to procure the domain programpublisher.com. Due to limited resources, the goal of creating a general publishing media platform has been put on hold. I very much would like to revive the idea, hopefully in a partnership situation.


Mr. Schilling,

I'm the CEO of a start-up and was wondering if you consult.

***FS*** I do consult Geoff.. but at the moment my roster is just full -- have no time for another project. If there is a specific question lmk and I will keep private.

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