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July 19, 2007




Let us not forget 'Firefox' is also "sleeping with the enemy" (the real enemy...lol)

Punch any random letters or keywords into a Firefox browser (without the extention) and you will see what I am talking about.

Note: If it takes you to a website...see were that website is listed on Google.

If it takes you to 'Google'...enough said.


***FS*** True true ... no free pass for FF on this.

David Wrixon

If Microsoft lose the browser battle to Google Camp they are toast. Controlling the market in search is the key to their software markets as well as their search market. Their lame browser is their only real hope for their lame search engine and their lame operating system.

***FS*** Sad but true.. The ground has shifted around them .. but they've gotta know this.



I do not forget ISP's are now redirecting traffic also, to their own search landing pages.

This battle has just started between SE's, web browsers and ISP's.

Its going to turn into an all out "loud" war soon...its just a "slient" battle right now to 99.9% of the general public.

And its going to get "bloody".


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