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July 20, 2007



Around my town from time to time someone puts up these signs with a localized website in the form of "singles.org" and all the web site has is a lead generation form. It's kind of annoying and illegal, but they keep doing it so it must make some money. The company seems to have thousands of domain names that I looked into using Domain Tools DNS lookups. Their domains are not the best as as they are mostly .orgs

Along the lines of this extremely local advertising, what about smaller localized TV ads on cable tv? How about Val-Pak ads?

***FS*** Valpak is the classic arbitrage play.. in paper form.


No laughing here Frank - that's a brilliant idea!

We plan to leverage Spotrunner's technology to promote one of our networks in the near future. It's incredibly cost-effective and easy to implement. Their system is very impressive.

Because people view TV as being the most credible - and costly to advertise on - medium right now, the trust level amongst visitors would be exceptionally high.

I would expect that this would result in lots of clicking around on the site. This combined with the low cost of advertising should make for a fantastic ROI.

It doesn't hurt that you are adding less tangible value to the domain by promoting it either...

Let us know how it goes!

owen frager

Spotrunner also makes ads for less than $1500. You can't buy a good domain for that but for this investment plus double in TV time you can improve the outlook for the domains you have. I've said before that if Rick invested $200K into an infomercial, landing page and contract with a product inventer who didn't have either (and Rick used to import those so he knows this biz), what you earn on PPC could be chickfeed. That's why the greatest potential for the best domains is yet to be released. Domainers see their assets as an island, and I see them as a powerful (often missing) ingredient in a larger mix of marketing tools. btw, SpotRunner is WPP so your spots are made from outtakes and repurposed scripts from the $100mm campaigns of Barry Diller and such. Using the same top Madison talent.



I would suggest...not looking at the TV of the future as place to put ads in or do Infomercial's. or do some kind of PPC.

All of these at going to be very old tech...within 2 years....so 2005.

Why start puting money into what is basically web 1.0 when we are going to be skipping to web 5.0 (the tv equivalent) within 2 years?


Javier Marti

I can't see a future where there is "lat night" TV anymore. Let alone late night TV commercials.
I think we are going towards tv on the web, on demand, watched across timezones from different countries, with embedded, subtle but interactive advertising that is triggered only at the request of the viewer.
Ads before the video? They skip them checking out another window while they run (I do this all the time already)
Ads on late night TV? why limit your ad exposure to late night programs in one particular country?
I think we'd be better off thinking about how to advertise in on-demand internet TV, what are the new ways to embedd ads that work, and how to develop the connection/integration between particular e-commerce **closing** webpages and the content that the user is viewing at that moment.
I think there is no other way.
I can't see people accepting old way commercials in this new medium of internet based on demand / anytime /international TV.


Javier Marti

owen frager


They work. The person who can't sleep due to pain from accident injury (and whom also can't sit at a computer station) is going to notice the ad that says "big corporations and insurance companies have high-powered lawyers who want to deny your claim. You need a tougher lawyer on your side." (from ads I used to do, but we made the ad on spec then sold the leads from it to different lawyers, kind of what I was suggesting above). Something about the shift from the show you were watching to the audio jumping out at you when you are half asleep you'll never get from PC-TV-direct. Like your long lost love calling your name and wobdering if its real or a dream. If you have the right domain that's memorable WITH the ad, then they can easily confirm it's not a dream. So not only do these work, but what they generate in response now is nothing compared to hw it could be improved with a different domain call to action.

Chris W.

I agree with Owen. They *do work. And speaking of 20th century media, we've found that radio ads work even better. :-)

Here's to old technology!


You're information regarding Spot Runner is incorrect. They do not buy unsold late night spots and sell them, but in fact are a full service shop helping advertisers place their spots anywhere they want.

They do not "own" any inventory, per se, but instead work with all the networks and cable providers to place spots for their advertisers anywhere they want.

***FS*** Thanks for correcting me.. I think the end result is the same.. whether they own the inventory or whether they help you buy it for 25 bucks an ad.. Interestingly enough.. one of the key people at spotrunner was my former bizdev contact at Yahoo/overture .. super nice guy.

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