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July 02, 2007


owen frager

Look for a ramped up pace on the announcements between Apple and Google now that the iPhone has launched and Safari is on Windows. Also notice the Google MOBILE versus .mobi branding on the link you provided.


R.I.P. .mobi


Close but it looks like 350,000-400,000....



hi greeting again ,

sorry 4 foolish Question

could any1 please tell me
whether the real deliverred iphones have the
button of .com ??

or ,
is that the case that
iphone have
1 browser just only
1 browser
'the safari ??

here in hk + China e.t.c. , un-available ,
may b[be] 2008 ,

ThANKye ,

owen frager

from: RBC Capital Markets. In fact, analyst Mike Abramsky thinks the iPhone will achieve Apple's 10 million unit 18-month sales goal and will have a 3% share of the global phone market by 2010. This would contribute an estimated US$90-million to fiscal 2007 revenue and US$1.3-billion to 2008. But it is the long-term growth and opportunity that is key to the iPhone's success, given that many consumers have not yet used their phones for anything other than voice, text messaging and accessing simple content, Mr. Abramsky notes. Mr. Abramsky initiated coverage of Apple with an "outperform" rating and a price target of US$160, which represents upside of roughly 33%.


So none of your voice concerns matters when the dust settles and everyone realizes people will not surf on mobile but follow a set agenda. Initial studies above confirm few have used the browser. And from my years of research and marketing mobile solutions for business I can tell you it's a limited application; checking email, auctions, stocks, scores, and bank balance.

Its biggest benefit comes when merged with dotmac services and itunes iphoto apps. And then only when libraries reside on servers. You will go to Grandma's plug the phone into the Plasma and, at the press of a couple of settings, show a slide show cross-fading a select album or person by tag, to your choice of music as if it was made by a videographer for $3K. Once Windows users experience these tools they will never go back.

Eventually there will be bandwidth to stay connected to the game so your wife doesn't have to delay dinner out until it ends (like the old transistor radios people used to carry). Also great for sitting out a powerless storm. Or looking up house sale details while onsite at the property.

Importantly, it's not an ad or ppc medium... the ad figures you hear thrown against it are for different types of mostly outbound marketing models (like arriving on a flight from NY to Chicago and when ATT finds the local server you get a message welcoming you to Chicago and asking if you need any recommendations, directions, reservations or tickets to a sold out game).

It's still a phone and the ability to integrate voice with the web will make the mobile user experience better. Remember there is no mouse, very little bandwidth or storage so you won't have your archives of documents nor the applications to open them.

You won't be fixing a ppt prez on here and most attachments won't open or download in the MAC app. The MAC OS is also not capable of streaming porn because the latest windows media player for the MAC doesn't have drm.

Plus you are on the phone more than online when mobile (just watch people on the street) so it's not like a laptop replacement where you'll engaged with a screen.

Eventually I can see possibilities for business to business. The MAC has text to speak so a job candidate enroute to an interview can call up a website or article about the people he's going to meet and listen to it while driving. The MP3 is also great for sales training, translation in a foreign country and will also take dictation and allow you to record conversations. (Beware)

Consider this a Mac "tasting" engineered to trade you up the full boat.

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