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July 20, 2007


Edwin Hayward

It's early days yet, but this auction may turn out to be a huge non-story as so far only 2 of the roughly 80 names on offer have hit their reserves. If the reserves on some of the others are very high, you could see a lot of bidding action and not a lot of sales!

***FS*** Big problem.. too many sellers know what they have.


i believe the guy holding the loans.com sign was the owner of loans.com. He was at DomainFest LA sharing the story of how GD went around promoting the sale. Nice photo.

***FS*** Wow.. I bet he was walking on air the day BofA paid him 3+mm for the name.. and I bet he regrets selling today

David Wrixon

My personal view of Sedo is that it needs to focus much more on where the market is going rather than on where it has been.

It policy towards IDN is a complete train crash. Deal after deal on worthless phishing IDN domains but still unable to sell domains in the most used language on Earth.

Come on Tim. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Steve Morsa

I suspect that the GD auction/s will most likely follow the common eBay sales "path"...with most of the bidding activity--including many big price jumps--occurring in the last few hours...or even minutes..of the auction.

I suspect that a fair share of the "big boys" have yet to place their bids...

I won't be surprised if 1/3 of the domains will end up being sold...not bad at all for a new auction entry in the marketplace...

...and if that happens, Sedo's going to be buried in seller requests to be a part of the action in their future auctions...

David Wrixon

As if to underline my previous point on this thread, now for sale at Sedo:




Of of course here they show up in their true light but on Sedo they look for all the World like in.com and ip.com.

Come on Tim, either do the job properly or leave it alone alone altogether. You cannot possibly square the circle of being a purveyor of super-premium domains, whilst hawking this rubbish on the same platform.

For those of you that are confused the "i"s are in fact the Spanish inverted exclamation marks.

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