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July 01, 2007


Daniel Rueda

who has the most unique strategic generic portfolio ever created? I believe that there is one master set of strategic premium vertical location based web properties. properties that are like a family, all share the same last name,top level. this family will be so powerful when networked together the create a virtual network communications language that will be impossible to compete. like a family of craigslist location based vertical web destinations. Question again is who has the greatest domain portfolio ever created? the value of this strategic vertical search multichannel platform will be priceless. The keyphrase vertical location based power of this network can weaken the value of other portfolios that are not truly a master network. those portfolio platforms of domains that are mumbo jumbo domains that have no relation to each other, the ones that talk about thousands to hundreds of thousands of domains and will only show you 25-100. 8 years in this industry and I see no contenders to the MyLocator.com vertical location based multichannel platform. Once these premium family network of properties is properly positioned it will be forever hard to compete. For one you will need over a thousand properties that all share the last name and are strategic and vertical in nature. A lot of portfolios out there just very few strategic vertical master sets if any. Like jupiter research says niche market vertical location based generic direct navigation is the greatest untapped market in search for advertisers and marketers. Thank you Jupiter.

Tad Crazy

WOW Daniel

I wish I knew what you just said!

Cause it sounds interesting


I do not know enough about the domain business to judge Daniel's comments. And although his theory sounds powerful and interesting I keep coming back to my "search" background and question myself how would something like this may fit into a "universal search strategy".

What I do not know and would like to, is if domainers ever take into consideration traffic from search engines when thinking on verticals or vortals. Take this case, where just ONE site -say, localskincare.com or localdoctors.com- can serve results for the entire United States narrowed down to the zipcode by virtue of geo-ip software installed on a server where each single result will be "local". Furthermore, such site can extend its reach beyond borders and serve results in languages other than english becoming more "universal". WHat is best, all a user has to remember is "local" (localdaycare, local_myneeds). Engines will surely appreciate this type of strategy much more than 74,000 zip-coded websites. And referring to such site will be much easier and powerful than a networked platform (I am referring to backlinks, of course). Geo-ip software has improved to such degree that can easily serve results by city, region, town or zip and redirect to different languages and even suggest links like "find doctors within 50 miles radius". Because of this, I can only guess whether a vertical location based property may still have its vulnerable side or not... But only if search engine traffic comes into the equation, naturally.


Local this Local that, UK this UK that, British This British That, US this US That. ??? .com this !! .co.uk that !! then anything thing you want, It is the brand that we trust.

"search-engines or with wikipedia the Brandpages which serve to create user generated content" (Longmans Dictionary/ Oxford English, whatever), Your sooo right.

On another subject to keep the optimism going chum of mine in the UK has a boxing ring and wants to hire it out in the and on the off chance today I searched for the appropriate name and found that ringhire.com & ringhire.co.uk was free !! Done & dusted. Some good names still out to be found

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