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July 21, 2007


Ed - Michigan

Frank....time for another lesson.

Own your traffic distribution channel and control your destiny.

Thanks, Ed


"Own your traffic distribution channel and control your destiny"...Amen, bruttha...

I have studied sites that do well on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Some TLD's do better on MSN and Yahoo, and some on Google and MSN, and some TLD's don't do well on any. I have studied most of the popular TLD's and cc TLD's. Google loves .coms and then .nets...maybe some .org's. MSN looks less at the TLD or ccTLD, and more at fundamental SEO and content IMO. Search restaurants in cities and I think MSN gives the best results. If there is a pschizophrenic search engine, then I would have to say it is Yahoo. They change so much that you can tell they are trying everything. Though I love them dispite their disfunction. Direct navigation is best, of course. Your eggs are in your own basket. If you have just some decent generic ".coms" that folks can directly navigate to, that can still pull people in to your network so you can introduce them to your other sites...no matter what the extension.

So, with that said...and with a decent general understanding web development, SEO, and domains...Google, Yahoo, and MSN still only list up to 10 sites on the first page (less today Google shows 9). And most people do not go past page 3. So that is 27 sites. So, if you were searching for "miami real estate" you may get your 27, but...wait a minute...there may be a hundred+ quality honest competent brokers. And in the future there will be even more. Let's say that now 200 Miami Real Estate professionals in Miami that are all quality, honest, and competent. Next year there may be 400. Because most people do not get beyond page 3 of a search engine, Google, MSN, and Yahoo will be worse next year (because there are 400 and they are still displaying 27 - their ratio of delivering "total quality sites available" to "quality sites delivered" on the first 3 pages goes down), then this current year (200, though still only showing 27). One day there will be 400 Miami Real Estate professionals all SEO-ing out their sites (makes SEO less effective too)...because, sorry only 27 are delivered on the first three pages. If the number of quality sites increases that we never see and the number of search engine results remain relatively the same, then search engine results are less meaningful each year. They become "watered-down". I have seen this happen each year and in many ways it is like the "emperor has no clothes". But no one ever comments on it. Direct Navigation is not everything, but it is undeniable and is an opportunity keep you search from being limited to what others think you should see and to "see what you might be missing". Yes, there is a lot of crap that you land on directly navigating, but there are also quality sites. Many that deliver the information you are looking for and others that are signposts. But those with quality domains have less to worry about from the search engines than those that SEO bad domains.


If I could summarize the my long-winded rant above in a simple sentence it would be this:

"Google Hell" is not a worry, nor a problem, if you own MiamiRealEstate.com, and "Miami Real Estate" is the business you are in.

(I do not own it, but wish I did)


"Own your traffic distribution channel and control your destiny."



This is what I am talking about... (mumbling to my dog everyday about it..lol)

Frank and a few others have "mastered" this one part of the huge Internet pie.

Domain address assets...that result in "direct navigation" which in turn...

is controlling your destiny by owning your traffic distribution channel of 'direct navigation.


This is only a "part" of controlling your destiny by owning your OWN traffic distribution channel.

Right now...Google,MSN,Yahoo,Aol,Ask "control" the other part of the traffic distribution on the Internet...Internet search.

I... as many...hope my small domain portfolio that I registered for the future, will give me some control over my destiny...from direct navigation.

I am sure, many others are in the same boat.

In the meantime...I say its time to take control of many domainers destiny's... in a more 'proactive' manner, and start to 'redefine' the other 'larger' piece of the traffic distribution on the Internet.

Why not?

As long as its "perceived' that Google owns this part...most of our true 'Internet destiny's' are going to be delayed for 5 - 20 years...

By attacking this 'injustice and total inbalance of Internet search proactively...I say we could cut this 'destiny' down to less than 3 years...for ALL of us.

Not just a 'few domainers"...but thousands and thousands and thousands of people who own 'domain address assets'.

The way I see it...is that 'domain address assets' are in the 2nd inning of a 9 inning game..and most of us can see that we are headed to the 3rd inning shortly and they will have no problem making it to the 9th inning 15 - 30 years from now.

On the other hand,

Search Engines are also in the 2nd inning of a 9 inning game and no one seems to want to get them to the 3rd inning of the game. They have been 'stuck' in this 2nd inning for at least the last 6 years and are going to remain stuck here, if there is not a fundamental change to their 'game plan'. They, themselves, are never going to change their 'game plan' for your benefit. They are going to just keep on 'using' your domain address assets to make themselves money (billions every 3 months like google)...that's the game plan and they are going to stick with it, because it works for them.

You think Google is somehow doing you a "favor' by ranking you high in their Internet search results?

As Jerry Seinfeld said to George "Iam going to hire you as my latex salesman?"..."I don't think so"

How about a quote from 'denzel washington' in Training Day: "To protect the sheep...you have to kill the wolf."

Folks, I hate to say it, but when it comes to Internet Search...we ALL are currently the 'sheep' and Google is the 'wolf'.

Sorry...but I only have one 45 record and its 'stuck' on the 'A side'...lol


Ed - Michigan

THANK YOU.....R. Hart and Dan.

Ed - Michigan



Forgive me.

I just need to get this down...Or I will forget it.

""A big key to internet navagation is: Its not who you include...but who you leave out.""

WOW...I really do have big problems...I am qouting myself. LOL


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