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July 23, 2007



So you take vacation also fom Snapnames ? That would be nice...


See you back down there in September Frank. Your insite will be missed, mang. Travel safe.


You can't leave us just like that :-(

Anyhow mate, have a safe vacation.


Have a fantastic vacation :-)

Do us a favour before you head off can you set it that the links you provide open in a new window, rather than taking us off the blog please.

***FS*** It's a type-pad thing. Sorry :((

Then we can all have a really good browse around here whilst you are away.

There is so much interesting content here that you provide and great links sent in by others. But it very frustrating, getting a couple of pages deep into the linked sites some of which are great new discoveries, so you have a browse round and then find yourself having to press back back back to get back here.

Have a great time !

Tim Davids

quick everyone nows our chance to buy names without Franks competition...shhhhhh

Cameron Johnson

Frank, please noooooooooo.

At least leave some medication behind for us all. Withies here we come.



Can you take Vaxis with you? Be nice to pick up a few Snap deals while the two of you party and discuss the good old days :)


Hey Frank,

After your dream about confabing with Rupert, I guess going on a long vacation is definitely in order.

Have a great vacation and sweet dreams.


Steve Morsa

Whew! Thanks for the warning, Frank...looks like it's time to pull my inventory out of the upcoming auctions...oh, O.K., so I'm just kidding. :-)

Have a nice vacation.

I'm sure we'll all be here when you get back...oh, lucky, lucky you! ;-)

Ed Keay-Smith

Hey Frank, Have a great vacation!!

Your words of wisdom will be missed.

I am sure the time out will give you some great stuff to talk about when you return.

Vacation well and prosper!


Ed Keay-Smith

Sahar Sarid

I don't think I can handle two days vacation. Good luck staying "out of touch".


Frank have a good time. Where you heading ?

BTW does that mean you guys are taking a break from Snapnames too? :)

Daniel Rueda

vacation is probably the best words of wisdom you could give us diehard domainers. Ill man the holygrail domain gate while you are away. I let you know what I found when you get back. I pick up some of my best domains in the summer when nobody is working but me. That is why my portfolio is one of the greatest ever created. Being successful to me is doing alot of things no body wants to do or does not know how. Im still jealous. Have a great vacation and when you get back lets kick ass and take names like never before. It aint over.

DomainerLocator.com-Created 7-07

Tim Davids

forgot...can you point your nameservers to me while your gone...thanks much.


Enjoy and recharge during your time away. I'm already missing the intelligent insights you provide daily.

Regards with much respect !!!


Have fun, I'll miss checking out the posts every morning in the meantime. But maybe I'll get more work done too.

Tia Wood

"...but I'm going to fight my urge to check-in until I return..."

Pffffft. Yeah right. See you tomorrow.

Tia Wood


Hi Frank,

Taking a vacation 'from' the Cayman Islands?

Can that be done? LOL

Have a great time...

I have to go to 'rehab' for a few days and get treated for "FS Blog Withdrawal Syndrome"

I hope I pull through...LOL

Best as always,

***FS*** Ha! ygm danno


Oh no!

I read your post, anytime it shows on my rss reader. I'm going to miss it. a lot.

Anyway, have a good time.

"Taking a vacation 'from' the Cayman Islands?"

Maybe Frank go for a holiday to newyork, Las Vegas? :)

T. Price

Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama!

Wow, that sounds like a great way to live. I envy you! The European "holiday" mindset is definitely something those of us Stateside should strive to adopt. But can you take a vacation from the Caymans? I can only dream ...

I'm going to miss this blog - it's the first thing I check (and the only one I consistently read) every day! I must have stumbled on it within the first week, and have read it ever since. Have a great vacation and thank you for the words of wisdom!


***FS*** Thanks sincerely.. but rest easy sir.. I will be back ;)


Have a safe trip Frank. God Bless.


Your board is top notch but you should take a vacation and be better for it!

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