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July 09, 2007


Mike Maddaloni

So does this mean we all need to trademark our names in order to have a stronger claim to our eponymous domain names?

The possibility of someone else in the world having your same name is not uncommon, even for my own name! I hope the singer loses this case, otherwise domain name registrations will be the least cost we will have to fork over as legal costs to trademark ourselves will surely be much more!



Keith the artist didn't put anywhere on his website that he wasn't Keith the singer. When I went to the site, there was a banner ad for Keith Urban concert tickets. It has since been removed, probably on the advice of the artists legal counsel!

***FS*** Interesting.. wonder if it matters as it relates to the name's ownership if his name is Keith Urban.. I don't know of any other realm where violating a TM means you forfeit your entire rights to use your license or property.


the keith urban banner was because he was using adsense....

***FS*** Oh.. then he should be fine.. precedent was set in the elephant.com UDRP.

Steve Morsa

Reason then for all us folks with especially "unique" names to feel (at least a little bit) safer, no?

Time for you to take up the guitar, Frank? :-)

***FS*** I do look like Keith with a goatee and long hair when I'm not eating as much. ;)


Heck, if I were Keith Urban of New Jersey, I'd ask Keith Urban the singer for a heckuva lotta dough for the site name and then come up with a new name.

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