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July 21, 2007



Frank, you might have noticed a different end to the USAToday and NewsDay articles.

But as white-hot as this business has been, the right offer will no doubt come along.

"Everything is for sale," Goldberger says.

But as white-hot as this business has been, it might not continue to mint millionaires.

"How long will this model last?" Malutta asked. "It's definitely a temporal piece of real estate. As technology evolves, maybe direct navigation will fall off the charts and there goes your property."

***FS*** The answer is: "It will 'fall off the charts' the day the Internet shutters. The domain name is the only constant since the dawn of the commercial web. :) I did notice tho. More likely you stop seeing USA Today in printed form.


been posted already on your blog as the newsday article hasn't it

David Wrixon

When will they understand that domains are fundamental to navigation?

When will the morons that put forward these opinions outline where the alternatives are going to come from? You either use IP addresses directly (soon to be 18 digit) or you alias them with names. It is like saying that DNA is just a fad! It really is a no brainer, but there is no shortage of that in the US media!


Found a interesting article about "negative seo". Just another reason having a good domain name protects your site's traffic.

That being said the combo of good seo can amplify a good domain to a great one. Pure Seo plays look too fragile though based on this type of stuff.


Sahar Sarid

I'm dating a new girl these days. On a second date, after I explained the domain game on first date, she cut out this article from a paper to show me of what she "just came across".
It is going mainstream no doubt, even girls notice :)

***FS*** I love it!


" It is going mainstream no doubt, even girls notice :) "

Yes, even Girls notice!
A few are even in the Domain Industry, and a couple are even Domain Investors --
I know 2 who own thousands :-D

Couldn't resist... LOL
Thanks Frank & Sahar for the great blogs!


here it is again


Addison B. Bachman

I'd like to offer this to the mix!

Google AdSense + Web 2.0 = www.DomainEmbarking.com

See press release below:

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