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July 20, 2007


Michael W.

Absolutely. I have blogged about this a couple of times and have seen the Internet TV/VOD up close, and its very good. No HD yet (bandwidth) but the production and distribution costs are lower than traditional methods, as well as virtually unlimited channels. I met with Omnimedia's (former) Head of Broadcast and he is heavily invested in Internet TV.

Internet TV = Web 3.0?



I have to disagree...Whats is happing now with "web TV" is not what going to be the "happing" spot...in a very short time.


Javier Marti

Call it web in tv, or tv in web...no matter how the convergence is reached, these two media channels will be integrated in one another. There is no real need to favour one or the other, because they'll both be the same.
There is no way that TV could survive as it is today....
There is no way the internet could evolve without audiovisual content...
It is happening already, we just don't know the final details or platforms that will be standard on this field.


Javier Marti

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