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September 24, 2007



InternetCasino.com - good as far a generic names go but it sounds to me like a very poor brand, and the internet part is pretty redundant.

Andrew Johnson

According to Alexa stats, whatever their accuracy and value, he is doing just fine for traffic --http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details?site0=bodog.com&site1=newbodog.com&site2=bodoglife.com&y=r&z=3&h=300&w=610&range=1y&size=Medium&url=mtv.com

Scott Smith


I was happy to see you weigh in on our beleaguered fellow Canuck, Calvin Ayres. Though many will not be losing sleep over his sad state of affairs, Calvin's plight certainly highlights the deficiencies in his domain management abilities. Don't get me wrong, I too applaud his efforts to build a worldwide brand through schtick, pluck, hard work and later on, a ton of $$$. No doubt my Mohawk brethren Alwyn Morris will successfully continue to fight the good fight for the young billionaire.

But Je digress. Calvin had many options to use this quasi $50 million "wake-up" call to turn a negative into a positive. As you say, he could have picked up the keyword powerhouse InternetCasino.com and profited greatly. Heck, the type-in traffic alone would shortly be worth the price of admission.

He obviously had no desire/instinct to attract the millions of people scouring the net for a place to plonk down their hard-earned disposable dineros. Had he the foresight, he could have led consumers down the InternetCasino garden path that ultimately led to all things Bodog. Bodog Poker, Bodog Slots, Bodog Sportsbook, Bodog Fights, Bodog Music, Bodog Babes... Bodog Fantasy. OK, OK stop already! I'm convinced. Bodog IS the Internet Casino.

He also could have picked up our 1800Casinos.com. On its own, 1800Casinos.com is an adequate property. However, when coupled with the corresponding North American 1-800 toll free telephone number 1-800Casinos (1-800-227-4667), the pairing becomes a formidable, and potentially very profitable combination. Think 1-800-Flowers. Flowers is a billion dollar business. Do people spend more on flowers or on gambling? Nuff said.

Now when Mr. and Mrs./Ms. J.Q. Public want to gamble online --> 1800Casinos.com. Looking for a casino junket --> 1-800-Casinos. Book your flights, hotels, cars etc. right here. When they want to review and compare casinos --> 1800Casinos.com. Want to know who has the best deals? 1-800-Casinos. When they want to buy tickets to the hottest shows in town --> 1-800-Casinos.

Moral of the story: Pick the category killer domain with the monster keyword, master the basics and the world will beat a $$$ path to your door.

Calvin, and any other land-based or Internet casinos that actually "get it", the number is 1-800-227-4667.


Wow this 1800casino guy is one desperate sucker...almost as desperate as the "wearedomains" sucker's-king...


How was patent law suit plaintiff 1st Technology able to get BoDog.com domain taken away in a patent law suit ? ........ as claim is on patent.... not trademark or trade name.

As Vonage (the VOIP Company) has lost patent lawsuits with Verizon and Sprint - Nextel but was able to KEEP it's domain name.

What is the difference between the 2 scenarios that made BoDog have to get a new domain ?

***FS*** He didn't answer the suit.. thedy got a default judgement and seized a US based asset.

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