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September 03, 2007


Ed Keay-Smith

Hi Frank,

Great post and what timing!

I have just been reading a great ebook on that very subject and how to apply it.

The name of the ebook is Tube Traffic at www.tubetraffic.com

I think it is well worth the US$37 asking price.

By the way, this is not an affiliate link and I have no association with the book what so ever, just a happy customer!


Ed Keay-Smith


I think there is going to be a dramatic paradigm shift soom with domainers that have been giving up traffic to simple ppc landers for so long.

Not to knock ppc landers nor the domainers that are so hooked on them, nor the companies that provide them, but this industry entrenched strategy, though it is by far the easiest "no work" way to monetize domains, is actually the most costly to domainers.

If you have a top type-in domain getting 10,000 visitors per day, that is over 3 1/2 Million visitors per year that are walking in your store's front door and walking right out the back door in the click of a second, never to be seen again. Think about that. Think deeply.

What businessman in their right mind would want to operate their business like that, where they so quickly say adios to incredibly valuable maximum targeted customers? People would call you crazy, wouldn't they? Isn't the smarter way, at the minimum, to at least grab their e-mail before they zip by? Isn't the smarter way to give them a list of all the closely relevant "stores" aka domains you also own to visit in the future too?

I have always been beyond perplexed why so many domainers kiss goodbye millions of dollars every day so simply by taking the "lazy man's way to riches" approach to making money on the Net.

The most successful businesses in the world are the ones that "BULD AND KEEP" customers. That is what branding is all about. That is what business is all about. YOUR CUSTOMERS! It is the core ingredient to building vast wealth via the Net and in the bricks and mortar world.

On the Web the biggest acquisition deals go to those companies that build enormous user bases. That is the most desired "prize" billion dollar companies all fight for when looking for companies to acquire. Users are repeat customers. They stay put when you service them right and you make money from them for years.

Let's put in the time perspective factor now on the equation. 3 1/2 Million users per year for the past 10 years and that 10k a day domainer has given away the opportunity to grab a business relationship with over 35 Milllion customers. 35 MILLION!!! That is obscene in my eyes. Even worse is the collatteral damages and loss of that volume of people. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool on the planet. Take those 35 Million lost customers and factor in their network of friends. Potentially that could be 3 or more people per lost customer who could have told someone else to checkout your site. Now the 10k a day ppc lander domainer has ultimately kissed off over 100 MILLION prospective customers. That's not obscene, that is INSANE.

Maybe it's time for domainers to look in the mirror and start really thinking about what they are ultimately "NOT PUTTING IN THE PIGGY BANK" by letting millions of prospective customers walk in and walk out so quickly everyday.

Oh I know, development is a bitch. Well it can be if you go the old fashioned hard way. But there are lots of technologies that enable ways to develop stafflessly with relative ease these days without much investment and with minimal ongoing management time. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, what would my 10,000 domains be worth if I also had millions of opt'd in e-mails with those domains, millions of pieces of data as to other things those customers are searching for to buy, millions telling a couple friends to visit my domains also. The answer is many domainers that today are worth $10 Million to $100 Million would be instant BILLIONAIRES. And the B Club is by far, a more exciting and exclusive wealth objective to strive for, in these days where being just a laid back domain millionaire is so utterly common and easy to do.

There is a BILLION DOLLARS sitting right on your doorstep, just waiting for you to grab it, and nearly all of us walk right over it everyday when we lazily go to the mailbox to pick up our PPC checks.

It's time to stop thinking about what the going "multiple" is on your PPC flow and start thinking about what the "multiple" could be on your 100 Million eyeballs!


Welcome back Frank.
i have never been a fan of Cuban. I dont see him as a Internet visionary by any means and he should not be followed as closely as he is.


We sure missed you Frank. It's great to see you blogging again. Many of us missed your daily bits of wisdom. Hope you and the family had a good time on vacation. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Cyberspace Developers

Todd Mintz

I've experimented with this concept...except I've driven people more to affiliate sales pages instead of parked pages. I've gotten fairly good traffic for very narrow keyword niches and with Google's universal search now including videos, one can get traffic from there as well as from directly within YouTube. SEO and "viral" factors for your video will determine its success...it's not a slam dunk that this will work every time.

Creating a Facebook App with the same "end game" in mind might even be a better play because the viral factors in Facebook are much stronger than in You Tube and SEO doesn't enter into the equation.


Frank, don't Post this

It is John from the Bronx. AKA AbortionIsMurder

I need your advice on something. Any chance I can talk to you?

Patrick McDermott


You mention YouTube in your other posting today. Really neat, huh? Lots of possibilities.

Since you were at the DR event giving the keynote speech, I don't know if you are aware that much of the event including the Live Auction was viewable by anyone over the internet thanks to a free service from UStream.tv.

I just happened to log into the DR UStream feed and there you were approaching the podium.

I can't tell you how cool and exciting it was to be able to not just hear your speech but to watch it live from here in The Bronx, NY.

And then to also be able to jump in and out of watching the live auction and watch as my domains were up. Really exciting!

Internet boring? Not in my world!

Imagine being able to stream your Wedding
Ceremony and Reception to friends and family around the world who couldn't be there in person?

Imagine streaming anything. It's doable. And free!

Welcome back,


daniel rueda

kickapps.com gives unlimited site launch with you skyscraper ad section for free. Great place to start. Ning is also a great place to start if you have less than 10 domains to launch. I plan on launching 1300 vertical locator social channels in the next 60 days. sample videoslocator.com


VickIsADick.com was mentioned on CNN. In a short time it's gotten tons of traffic made tons of money, and now it's for sale on eBay. We have purchased the rights to the Video on the site that was also featured on CNN. We are working out an interview with NBC for next week.

Patrick McDermott

Just saw this on:

"Zapping New YouTube Ads

That didn't take long at all. A couple of days ago, YouTube announced the roll-out of InVideo ads laid over the videos inside the player... Today, the top story on Digg is about the TubeStop Firefox extension that strips the ads off. And despite YouTube claiming the new ad format is user-friendly, the users aren't welcoming (it) at all."


Kelly Reed

Hey Frank,

VERY good post. Here's my take on Mark Cuban... When you've got luck, s**t will do for brains.

Mark's got lot's of luck :)


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