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September 18, 2007


Jim Fleming

YEP !!! .COM is it...even the next President has selected .COM

My name is Michael (Mic) Tienken and I want to be
The Next President of the United States of America
It's been reported that the next president of the United States of America will have to spend approximately $500,000,000.00 dollars to achieve that goal. I think that's ridiculous! $500,000,000.00 could do a lot of good in this world so I've decide to see if I could get any attention while spending considerably less than that obscene amount.

So far as I have spent $23.57 to register 3 domain names

Ben Wilks

Glad your back Franky!! Personally I buy Australian and .com, thanks for leaving me some domains Frank, I have quite a few of your names in .com.au. You are a true visionary, even if I disagree with your view of why Google don't rank your sites (it's technical IMO).

Thanks for the fish Frank, you have litterally transfored my life and put me in a far better position than I ever imagined. Thanks for dispelling the domain myths and bringing me into the light.

Up to 265 domains plus and making a decent living (my background is seo :D), with a lot of work ahead. I owe you a lot Frank, cheers mate, I love waking up everyday to new ideas.

Blogging at it's very best!

David Wrixon

And all these arguments can be extrapolated into the IDN namespace!



I think the term 'dotCom bubble' should now be reassigned to yourself as that is clearly where you are living. As for the level of jingoism oozing from your post I had to check that it wasn't July 4th!

I live in Europe and I have built a website serving the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry in Europe. My intended audience are either European or want to trade in Europe. Now one option I have is to go out and buy the acronym 'RPO' in each of the 48 European ccTLD. Even if every individual country regulations allowed non-residents to buy one of their domains (which they don't), I somehow think that the likes of Royal Philarmonic Orchestra who owns RPO.co.uk already is not going to give up their domain for free.

Alternatively I can built my website at RPO.eu - It is the perfect brand for it, does exactly what it says on the tin and the number of envious suppliers in this market who have enquired about this name mean that should I ever choose to sell, it would comfortably fetch a five figure sum. (and that would be in a currency whose value had not dropped like a stone in the last few years)

As for the names mentioned in your post - they are suspended pending a review of whether the terms of residency or business requirements provided were breached, not the fact that 10,000 names were registered per se. It is no different to me providing a false address, regging a bunch of .US domains and Neustar rightly coming and revoking them. (yes, even .US as in 'America, land of opportunity' has restrictions)

***FS*** If you are a real registrant and not a shill for the .eu registry then you have built your website in a doomed space. Your customers will have much more difficulty locating you in future and you will pay a massive but invisible opportunity cost in the years ahead.. You won't even know its happening, but if you don't own the .com version of your name, your business will suffer and the holder of the .com version of your name will profit at your expense. Re: "It is no different to me providing a false address, regging a bunch of .US domains and Neustar rightly coming and revoking them." -- You are absoilutely wrong. Investors speculators whatever you call them "make" a namespace, better.. they are an invisible promotional machine, setting floor values for the names in a space.. like welcome-wagoneers mixed with goodwill embassadors and appraisers these secondary-marketeers help to reafirm that purchasers made the right decision by creating a site there. When you quash the speculator you quash hope in the namespace. Unfortunately my opinion will take several years to be proven correct.. but it "will" be proven correct. You can take that to the proverbial bank. My buy American statement was metaphoric relating to the .com/net registry .. not so much flag waving although I am a fan of the USA.

Richard K.

Frank, while I am certainly not a .eu apologist(quite the opposite actually), I don't think you've clearly presented your readers with all the facts in this case. I would suggest you link to and read this article instead: http://blog.whoisireland.com/2007/08/28/eurid-blocks-10k-buycoolcomzheng-eu-domains/

The main reasons that portfolio was placed on hold was 1. Rampant TM infringement throughout it and 2. The portfolio owner was discovered to be using a false alias based in London when they are where actually based in China.

Point number two is the actual reason used for shutting down the portfolio although it was point number one that brought all the attention and complaints.

***FS*** While I'm no defender of blatant TM infringement, this type of thing is a very slipery slope.. It shouldn't be for the registry to decide or police the namespace. Leave that to law enforcement and the courts. This form of micromanagement is what helps to shape or unwind domain name-spaces. The best registries are hands off and allow the namespace to thrive as its own world with no intervention or handling. I agree that i was wrong in saying that large scale registrations were this woman's "only crime" but I stand by my theory that the best namespaces do the opposite of what spaces like .EU do. and that the philosophy of the registry operator will ultimately serve to either unwind the space, restructure their philosophy (under new management) or relegate the space to insignificance.

Rob Sequin

WOW. Powerful post.

The truth hurts. Not me fortunately. Since pool was a major player in the roll out I knew to stay away.

With that said, I have exchanged posts and PMs with the new CEO of Pool and there is a new sheriff in town.


One quick measure of the GRAVITY of .EU is the 4-letter .COM name-space survey. Below are the 4-letter -EU.COM names that remain.
The very fact that they have not been taken|parked|reserved, etc. shows a LOW interest
in the .EU space. Those would be the anchor
tenants in any 2-letter TLD expansion. That
is based on real-world market-based-data
that any novice can research.


How many -US.com names are available ? ZERO

W-US.com is PendingDelete - You can follow how long that name remains in that status.

Moving on to development as what people feel
is really needed. How long would it take to
develop ?

Frank's EU Blog ?

With a great logo that can become a very
brandable name.

In this form, it might have a more critical .EU theme. As in F-EU or F-U.


At the end of the day, it is all about T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Having only a 4-letter .COM is an added bonus. There are not many left. The recent surge
in buying 4-letter .COM names can be shown
on the charts. People may want to pay closer
attention to the raw statistics that are
right in front of them. The Free Market has
a strange way of acting and shaping those

NOTE: The naive .EU Registry can of course
game the system and go buy up all of the
above names and park them. The very fact that
they did not do that shows how willing they
are to go it alone. People of course have to
be concerned about a Registry regime that
operates alone and makes arbitrary decisions
alone. Why would anyone want to waste time
doing a development in that name-space ?
when there is still a huge reserve of .COM

Actually, not entirely true. During my time in the Czech Republic, I was a little taken back to see dot EU actually being advertised. Only two so far, but still two more than dot Mobi.

David Wrixon

Actually, not entirely true. During my time in the Czech Republic, I was a little taken back to see dot EU actually being advertised. Only two so far, but still two more than dot Mobi.


Lol.. 'a shill for the eu registry' - the sun must be blazing hot in Cayman today.

Actually, many agree with you that .eu is a doomed space. However you are an island when it comes to the reasons why - the hundreds of Bogus trademark registrations that blotted the sunrise period and the U.S. shell registration companies that gamed the system and hoovered up thousands of domains on day 1 are what has stunted its growth, possibly terminally.

I am all for speculation as my domain portfolio will show. Cheating on the other hand is a completely different matter.

***FS*** That is a fair comment.. I am on an island when it comes my reasoning at times.. and your perspective is good.


If the Chinese lady is really in China and not abiding by the .eu registry rules, then she should have her domains taken away (at least they have every right to take them away). The article does make it seem like .eu was alarmed at how many domains she had registered, but that shouldn't matter if she met all the rules. When you get into TM domains and are not following residency rules for country extension, you should expect trouble like this.

Steve Morsa

...great reasons why .eu is pronounced...eeeewww....

Only 2 types of domains:

Dotcoms...and Notcoms...

David Wrixon

Well, if you think EU is a bust, watch out for dot Asia. At least there is some underlying rationale behind dot EU.


I finally think youre losing the plot Frank. Never before have i seen you post such xenophobic nonsense... Pfft. Maybe you been too long in the sun...

The only reason you spout such rubbish is because youve been successful with .com - ... [etc etc]

***FS*** The only people I know who have been successful with domain names have made their money with .com ... If you want to make money my advice (here) is focus on .com .. Show me the secondary market .eu millionaires that aren't registrar/registry related... there are none. There is a reason .com grew from nothing and that dynamic does not exist in the .eu space.. The rubbish I spout is to call it honestly the way I see it.. If I saw an opportunity in this extension, I'd take it. I don't see such an opportunity.

David Wrixon

The real xenophobic nonsense is the denial of the undoubted truth that people will want to use address labels where the bit they have to remember is in their own languages and scripts.

The EU may be a single market in one sense, but it has no unifying language or culture. There is therefore no reason to assume that as extension that this extension which is effectively regional is going to have any significant impact in either global markets or local markets. The implementation of arbitary bureacratic practices that suppress the influences of market forces will ensure that a muddled concept will soon be a paralysed concept.


Problem is now arising with Dot CN.....

We have removed the following domain names from your Domainsite.com account:


The reason that we removed these domains is because we were contacted by CNNIC because these domains violate their registration agreement. If you would like more information regarding the registration of .cn names and the restrictions associated with them, you may view their website which contains their terms of registration. We have issued a full refund for these domains to your paypal account. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to let us know...

More here:


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