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September 13, 2007


Max Low

That's quite an achievement, buying 10,000 domains ( if I could find 10,000 that were good enough to buy ) it would take me forever to get them all transferred and entered into a database. Selling 10,000 domains would be difficult unless it was to one buyer. So let me do the math... 10,000 domains x 7.00 = $70000 to buy them wholesale. Sell them at $5 markup each = $50000 profit... so... you should have $120000 in the bank. Not a bad piece of change to get you going :)

Steve Morsa


If I can offer this hard-working domain newbie (and any other like-minded souls) some good advice...visit my site and scroll down to the end of my "sales letter," (but before the domain names) where I list some excellent sources for building successful web site based businesses.

Buy Yanik and Derek's courses.

Next; sign up for Derek's "SecretsToTheirSuccess" (.com, of course) service; where they dissect 2-3 successful online biz's each month (this is an unbelievable resource...for only about $30/month or so).

They show you EXACTLY how others are doing what you should be doing.

Finally; sign up for Dan's "Silver level" membership and read every word he has to say in his "No B.S." monthly newsletter.

Do what these guys say (and they all do what they're teaching), and you'll be on your way to at least one great online/offline biz...

...and no more settling for $5 profits on your domains. :-)

Ed Keay-Smith

Hi Frank,

Glad to hear your home move went well!

I have just made a post on my site at www.ozdomainer.com where I talk about a great new book that has just come out in Australia called 50 Great e-Businesses and the Minds Behind Them by Emily Ross & Angus Holland who are both from Melbourne, Australia.

I think this would be good read for the person who's email (assume its an email) you commented on in the above post and anyone else that is an e-entrepreneur.

It covers in detail the history behind some of the great e-businesses that are around today and also talks about some others that I have not heard of before but that are also very successful.

I read the book in a few hours and could not put it down except for the times that I kept on looking at the websites it referred to on my PC.

I agree that there are still many niche opportunities out there for domain names if you spend the time doing your market research and dedicate some time each week to look for the domains.

I invest about 1-2 hours each week night on the hunt for new domains and some nights I can end up with 3 or more that are great generic domains that may not get a large amount of type in traffic, but could easily be developed for affiliate sites or JV projects with a product or service supplied.

I have sold many domains over the past 3 months that I have purchased for US$10 or so and sold a month or two later for US$500 and upwards to the low four figure mark.

In my book that is a dam fine return on my investment.

The people that say its to late to get good domain names are also the ones that won't invest the time to find them and then say to me, you and other domainers that we are lucky.

As far as I am concerned LUCK has nothing to do with it, we each make our own LUCK.

What is the acronym of LUCK


The more you you dig the more you will find.


Ed Keay-Smith

Shuhaib Shariff

10,000 names in one year... WOW!

If your registration costs are $7/name and your median sales price is $12 your margins are more than 70%

An impressive case study.

owen frager

a domain for everybody and everybody for a domain-
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