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September 02, 2007


Dave Wrixon

Welcome back Frank.

It has been a long 5 weeks, but yes you are right, the business is about effecting life-style changes.


welcome back!! :)

aaron wall

Great to see you back Frank. Bit of a kiss arse comment of me hear, but I love reading your blog because many of the posts are both big picture oriented and defy conventional wisdom.


Great to see your back to blogging Frank. Wasn't the same without you!


Good to have you back, Frank.

Roland Buck

Welcome back Frank! Nice post too... :)

Chief Editor


Glad your back. I hope you got some much needed R&R. I think the domain world has missed your take on the world according to Frank, I have.

Todd Mintz

Awesome speech at the Domain Roundtable. You were incredibly inspiring to newbies in the industry like me. I wrote an article about the conference...you can read it here: http://www.searchengineguide.com/mintz/010541.html

Welcome back and I hope your house didn't get hurt by the hurricane.

Sahar Sarid

Glad you had a good time away, must be eye opening to see how early we are in the real world. I yesterday spent some time with a Tennis couch who is getting into Real Estate and mentioned domain names, and he had no clue what I was talking about (by the time I left he was all ears of course).
Long way to go indeed, but we're getting there, one person at a time.
Welcome back!

Frank R

Welcome back Frank, Great speech at the Roundtable. Inspiring & informative.
Learnt alot from you, thanks! "Basics 101 =$$$"
Generic defensible!! Right on target, as in eMall.ca win for CheapTickets.ca & Cheap Ticket trademark stricken from the record for a "descriptive" item.
That's a great victory for Generic Names!
You gotta love that!


Frank R


Great mishmash of words!

Welcome back, Frank.


Domainer's Gazette

welcome back frankie boy.. we missed ya..

Bill Henson

"then expect to be bored by a lot more stories like this in future."

Please, bore away Frank. Great to seeya back.


Good to see you back Frank.

Cameron Johnson

Welcome back Frank. I guess our time at Seven Mile rehab is now over, and much like the multi-tripping celebutantes, we can now resume our addictions in proper fashion. We missed you like a Republican misses kink! ;)




Your thoughts are like a compass leading the way on an expedition. You bring a sense of comfort in which way to go.
Glad to see you back.

Javier Marti

God, I think I am going to be a bit of a contrarian here.
I am not sure why, but you seem to have too many followers that have you idealized or something.
So, I am going to be honest and tell you what I think, even if politically incorrect:
I didn't like your keynote speech. It was not inspiring to me, and I feel that you must be a much better speaker when you prepare your speeches. It seemed that you where going in all directions at once, and I didn't see as much substance in it, or at least not as much as I expected to see knowing you from your posts here.
In fact, I remember that I thought that the one in that speech and the one who writes this blog are different individuals! ;)
I was not technically impressed, but I understand that a newbie can be.
I didn't like your audience either. I consider you an important enough figure in the domain world as not to be speaking when other people are eating. Don't you deserve full attention? Come on...I think so!
In any case, and even acknowledging that I didnt' like your speech, I congratulate you for the blog and welcome you back!
I am sure that my "harsh" comment won't offend such a smart person. But if it does, don't worry, you seem to have too many people around anyway that will tell you that you are perfect all the time.
And this is dangerous. Watch out!
I am not your friend, but I expect of my friends to be objective and tell me when they disagree with me too.
Too many great leaders in all spheres of life come down because they start to believe their own hype, from those around them.
One thing that seems good about you is that you still seem approachable (the other thing I commented with my domainer friend you do well is to use your money to live a high quality life. That's certainly smart too)
In any case, I hope to keep on learning from you and others as always...

Regards from England

Javier Marti

PS/ regarding your post: the bubble about "nice names" without traffic is just that, a bubble. Harder economic times are ahead and only the most profitable domains will command top prices. , In my opinion, the "bubble" in the domain world runs parallel to the economy and will correct itself.
Apart from that, it is the first time that I hear you talking about macro-events that affect the domain world, and that's great, because I see domainers like living too much in their little world, disregarding the big picture (economy, social trends, technology trends), and that's pretty worrying...

owen frager

Mark Cuban mean to say the Internet was dead without you. Now that you are back, he might rethink his position. Welcome home!



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Chris Ward

Welcome back Frank! Your return marks kind of a unfortunate event: Summer 2007 is over.

I'm always kind of sad to watch my kids walk down the driveway to catch the bus on the first day of school.


It does, however, herald the fact that traffic is beginning to ramp again and that we have an exciting year ahead of us.

***FS*** So true sir.

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