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September 21, 2007


Elliot Silver

It's scary that an online computer sales company is selling Computer.com. If anyone could monetize this well, I would have thought TigerDirect.com would be the company to do it. They already have the technical capabilities in place, the relationships with computer manufacturers allowing healthy margins, the staff to manage the website, fulfillment resources...etc.

I think it would be difficult for a company to come in and bid on the name thinking they will be able to do better than an established company like TigerDirect.com.

I would imagine the traffic is lighter than one would expect, and that would discourage a domain investor from bidding. Perhaps a company like Dell would be interested.

***FS*** A domain name is not a magic bullet that glosses over other issues going on at a company. Typing in computer.com I get offers for mice, printers and assorted computer accessories.. there is no clear call to action. I agree that these folks should be able to make a go of this name.. But we have no visibility into the mechanics at play within this co, that might drive a resale of this name.

David J Castello

Tiger Direct made the basic mistake of buying the singular instead of the plural. The most effective generic product domain names are plural: Cars.com, Apartments.com, Hotels.com, Cameras.com, etc.

Jim Fleming

With all due respect to all of the Domain Name Kings that post here...

1. It appears that many people are making many assumptions about DNS and how the old internet still works and have not paid much attention to how the new consumer nets are evolving.

2. If you have not paid much attention you may want to go out and look at how the new kids on the block are tossing around DNS and other previously "critical infrastructure" as cocktail party talk. If we were in the medical field this may be like saying that kids are tossing around test-tubes with killer viruses and have little concern about the results. What is amazing is that some of these kids are backed by many of the old-line industry insiders who used to jump up and down at the slightest suggested change to their beloved DNS, internet protocols or address space management. In other words, they have found a market marketing what once would have been labeled kooks. Kooks are now portrayed as Kool and Geeky to fill Tube Time. Clearly some couch potatoes must be watching the non-sense and must be getting triggered by buzzwords such as DNS, IP address, DHCP, etc.

3. As the masses and baby boomers continue to enter the so-called Internet space, room will be made for their traffic. That of course will push out the thousands of HTML tutorial sites that are full of ads. Devices and systems are being placed between those consumers and the old net to provide them with a better experience and also access to the new stuff they really want. Some major paradigm shifts are being quietly delivered via those new devices. PCs are migrating to be Personal Panels (PPs) that operate much more like cell-phones, with a subscription model. Pre-paid funds allow people to do micro-payments without having each vendor appear on their credit card bill.

4. The DARPA Net Nannys that used to run around wearing their underware outside of their pants because THE Master told them to, now have ZERO impact. The "beach" has now been over-run by thousands of people that no longer even notice or care about the corner cases the DARPA crowd loves to debate. The Internet Politicians who used to use the DARPA groupies to leverage their latest venture capital hype sell-up and out scenario are now over pumping the new era of kooks-on-steriods full of capital to gain face time on the BOOB TUBE.

5. All while the above is going on you have the long-term serious so-called EVIL-DUOPOLY of Telco/Cable attempting to roll in new stable secure and much higher performance platforms to serve the average joe and jane who just want to raise their kids and have a nice life. Those new platforms will not likely care much about routing to the legacy address space holders that built the original net. The venture capitalists do not care because they have moved all of their serious ventures to gold-plated colos served by the DUOPOLY. They are not stupid. While all of this is going on, the naive new kids that are tossing around the buzzwords like DNS and IP address and building their FACE as a brand, with zero content (as in air head), do not realize that the Madison Ave. New York crowd just cares about the long-term "Brand" "LOGO" etc.

The bottom-line...
It does not take a marketing rocket scientest to realize that you can not create a brand around a generic word like COMPUTER or COMPUTERS.

The new edge devices that the new generation of Internet Spin Doctors are going to control will filter Out or In (depeding on your point of view) words like COMPUTER and COMPUTERS and of will of course...Go Nuclear and DROP the COM...

The Domain Kings better wake up...

David Wrixon

Sorry, but all this sounds a bit like those who are telling us Smart Communications systems will obviate the need for an increase in Road Space on the UK motorway network. It won't.

IPs are fundamental. They are now going to 18 digits, so they can never be remembered by humans. They have to be aliased not only to be recalled but because aliasing is fundamental to the way the system works. IPs are not portable. Aliasing them as domain names makes addressing portable, so that you switch providers of registration, hosting etc.

There are some interesting developments in Web 2.0, but anyone that thinks this is going to get rid of Dot Com has been taking too much LSD. There are too many other important extensions out there for any system to assume that it should default to dot Com without the explicit extension, much as Frank might like that. There is absolutely no chance that the dot Com is going to become irrelevant.

New trends come and go, but this is nothing more than an delusional rant. Reminds me of the Seargeant Pepper "Videos".

Just as the old internet is going to have to adjust to Web 2.0, then Madison Avenue is gong to have to get used to Brand 2.0.


I don't get how someone could say 'There is absolutely no chance that the dot Com is going to become irrelevant.'

All it's going to take is one browser revision to remove '*.com','www.*.com' default checks for typed in names... and traffic to all these coveted dot-com domains will go down faster than a Tiajuana crackwhore(tm).

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