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October 26, 2007



Frank, it's easy for domainers to see that as the Internet continues to grow and mature, the value of .com as the overall representative of global commerce expands. With that expansion of .com bondaries (a good thing)the lessoning of it's use as a geographical qualifier (as in the US) is slowly but naturally diminished. At the same time, other ccTLDs (including .US) gain recognition and acceptance in their respective countries. It might be a very good idea for those invested primarily in .com to consider adding multi language selection choices to their pages and also hedging their bets with the addition of a portfolio insurance policy via the acquisition of the .US domains to match. As the .US extension gains recognition, the potential gain far exceeds the current low cost. While my own portfolio is dominated by .com, I don't see any reason why I can't also benefit from any gains in the acceptance of the .US extension.


We dipped our toes into the .US pool last year. My, the water is just fine!

The .MOBI guys are the ones over in the kiddie wading pool. You know, the water will never get very deep over there. If you dive in, you'll for sure hit your head.

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