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October 01, 2007


Rick Clemmer

Hi Frank,

I've been an avid reader for some time now and I guess it may be time to come outside my shell a bit. I actually live in Miami Beach but there is just no way I can afford entrance to TRAFFIC at this point in time. I found domaining in 2005 and now own over 700 domain names that I am just beginning to develop. It has been a difficult road because of the fact that I have done this without any capital, nor do I personally know anyone in the business. If I qualify and the tickets are still available, I will view it as a gift from "unseen helping hands." If not, I certainly hope to one day meet you and chat.

-Rick Clemmer


I would hope they would be going to Tia, Frank! Only seems fair to me...

Hope she can get someone to look after her responsibilities while she's away... :)

Very nice of that individual to offer... Gotta love this biz!



Dear Frank
I would love to have an opportunity to attend the traffic show.
I am in Canada and could get to Ft Lauderdale (I have a friend to stay with)but cant really afford to pay so much for a ticket to the show.
Please consider me for the extra ticket. As i own many domains, I just haven't been able to monetize them properly. This is one of the reasons i feel I need to be at the show.
I would be very grateful if you considered me.
Eric McFadden


none left? :-(


Wow...I took 6 hours off and missed out on a chance for a "Golden Ticket"

I hope Eric and Rick have a wonderful time.



If anyone changes their mind last minute and can't go or if you manage to get an extra ticket I would really appreciate it if I can get one ticket.

thanks :)

Rahul Jain

Hi Frank,

I know the tickets have been spoken for already, but wanted to drop my name in the fishbowl in case another happens to come up.

A bit about me, I started registering domain names in 1997 through 2001 on a sporadic basis while in college. I lost a few domains due to non-reg. but held on to some and have in the past 2 years built a potfolio of 250 names.

I am currently looking to meet likeminded people at a forum like TRAFFIC and obtain guidance to take this from a hobby to a business. Many of my domains are one-word Indian .coms such as the equivalents of Weather.com, Buy.com, Ask.com, Read.com, Learn.com..there is a lot of potential here.I do not generate enough to cover reg. on these domains and would love to be able to attend TRAFFIC if I had the cash on hand.



I've been a reader ever since I discovered domaining earlier this year. I would love to be able to attend the TRAFFIC conference. If I had the 2k to spend on a ticket I would end up spending it on domains instead. If the last ticket is still available I would love to have the opportunity to attend. Thanks for the opportunity.




I applaud your generosity. I made sacrifices to attend this year's conference in Miami. It is expensive, but well worth the price.

I look forward to seeing you next week.



Greetings Frank,

I am a new domainer and learning from the ground floor. I would have loved to attend the show however its to rich for a young married couple to attend and we are here in Michigan(economy sucks here). I had lost my number 1 business account and I am chassing after my dreams and passions in the domain business-.com, .net, .tv.

Money is very tight for us. I would be put the tickets to good use, learn a lot of things and would be honored to meet you and thank your contact personally in allowing a newbie to attend.

If I sell one of my domain names, or generate steady ppc revenue, I will pay you or your contact back in the future.

As an eagle scout-a scout is loyal, helpful, friendly, courtious, kind, obbendent, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverant.

Thanks in offering the 2 tickets on your blog. I love reading your blog and keep up the good work-even if you are holding off on .tv or forming your own ppc network.


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