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October 17, 2007


Derek Giordano

VERY interesting and well written! Thanks for sharing Frank!


Scott's site are visually very appealing and i bet they make a lot more money than previously. I must also add that Scott has always been very innovative in the way he designed he sites. Not just innovative for a sake of something new, but doing it the right way.
Looking at the sites and than doing some checking i've also noticed that his sites appear to be banned in google and on top of that are NOT SEO optimized. Looks like Scott has a lot more work ahead of him to pickup the cash he's leaving on the table.

Andy Sweet


I'm glad to see people leading the way to better parked domains and I believe that these developments greatly help the domain industry.

I stopped being a direct-typer (URL instead of search engine query) a long time ago because my user experience with that method wasn't as satisfying as my search engine experience. I would direct type and only end up with sites with no content and only sponsored links with marginal descriptions. Frequently, after clicking on those links it would take me to another site with no content and only sponsored links. The frequency of these events with direct type is what caused me to use search engines.

After all isn't satisfaction with the results the name of the game, whether it be a direct-type or search engine? It's why search engines regularly tweak their algorithm. Without consistent results satisfaction, people won't keep doing it.

I would feel a lot better landing on a site like Scott's if I were to direct-type. These sites don't feel 'parked'. In fact, I wouldn't even consider them so. To me, they're developed. Sure it may just have a different look and feel serving up the same results, but the high quality presentation affirms my search. As the consistency of my satisfaction increases with direct-type, so do my direct-types instead of search engine queries.

seth godin

Scott's the real deal. I think the transition from 'real estate' to operator is going to happen in this sector and he's at the forefront.


Fantastic. I never heard of Scott Day before. Does he still farm watermelons?

I agree with Andy, Scott's pages really cannot be called "parked" in the sense that we understand the word. They are more like shopping content aggregators. And yes, I would probably return to those pages if I found products I liked.



I took the keyword out of the domains listed:

Name Brands
Web Hosting
Grand Cayman
Shopping Direct

This is the trouble...not one of these sites are listed on the first page of Google for the keywords above.

Why should NOT each one of these sites be listed in the #1 spot on Google for the keyword it represents?

They should...with no back links, page rank, and all the BS. No reason any other website should rank above them for the select keyword search.

Do you know how much more money and revenue these sites should be making.

Do you realize how much more value is 'naturally unleashed' when quality sites with a quality keyword domain is given its fair spot in this world.

For example,(hypothetically) 'web hosting'(webhosting.com) might this domain,if this were to be ranked in the #1 spot in Google for the next 100+years without a change and everyone on the planet knows this...what might happen to the value of this cyber real estate asset?

Hypothetical Numbers And Comments:

Current Value: $2 Million (no search engine traffic)

Future Value rank #1 in Google for next 100+ years:

$4 Million (search engine traffic added)

Now every web hosting company on the planet wants it....because they can count on consistent SE placement and traffic. Maybe save thousands in advertising for this keyword. Now, might the value of this domain skyrocket as its plain for everyone to see the added and consistent value of this asset.

Now this domain could bring offers in everyday of $6 - $20 million or more from company's providing web hosting services.

The natural inherit value as now been FULLY unleashed.

And its ok, right now as PPC gets much better, that great keyword domains rank in a search engine in the #1 spot with just PPC ads on them... Because sooner or later they will be bought by someone looking to expand their own development on quality keyword domain assets...so with time... all valuable assets like this will be forced into development by natural market forces.

That's if someone finally sees the value in ranking at least the first two pages of search results by keyword domain(s) and corresponding keyword search.

As good keyword domains keep moving in this direction...its 'totally absurd' to have the most popular and used search engine to keep ranking website results like they currently do.

Do you realize that the domains listed in this post by Frank are having more than 1/2 of their true value determined by Google.

%$#^ Google....

Who is Google to determine the value of this mans domain assets?

Should not the free market determine the value of these domain address assets? The free market is currently determining about 1/4 -1/2 of the true market value of these domains...through direct navigation and generic brand recognition.

But Google is determining the rest of the value...by not ranking these domain assets correctly in their search engine.

What google is saying for example: Is that for the keyword search term 'web hosting' that the following 'internet address assets' are of great value and your internet asset webhosting.com is of almost no value.

#1. www.webhostingbluebook.com/

#2. b2evolution.net/web-hosting/top-quality-best-webhosting.php



#5. www.siteground.com/

#6. www.webhostingstuff.com/

#7. www.findmyhosting.com/

Now some of these sites may have great content with great products and services...but that's not my point...my point is Google has determined that these Internet assets are more valuable than webhosting.com when it comes to someone doing a keyword search on the Internet for 'web hosting'.

This is far far far from the truth and is so so very wrong.

Again, I ask every domainer and website owner, WHY are we letting Google (Yahoo, MSN) to determine over 1/2 the value of OUR assets?

Starting to get worked up....LOL....I better just say....

Peace! (for now)


Great post Frank, like you say generic, single word and phrase, domains are only going keep going up in value, in the years to come, as internet industries such as search engines will need to keep changing just to survive!


"Why should NOT each one of these sites be listed in the #1 spot on Google for the keyword it represents?

They should...with no back links, page rank, and all the BS. No reason any other website should rank above them for the select keyword search."

Because a domain holds the exact keyword the search engine user uses for their search does not mean the domain has a automatic right to the #1 spot as you're saying.

This would corrupt the whole relevancy of a search engine and user experience.

A keyword is just that, a keyword and if you don't provide anything else then a keyword then you have no place in the search engine results.

You want proof?

Type in Germany.com and tell me you would still think that keyword domains should rank #1 purely on the keyword?

Above listed domains are holding a little more relevance i agree but evidently there are better sites out there, that is why Google doesn't rank those sites at #1


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply...in the case of germany.com...your right.


germany.net goes in the #1 spot and if that has a cats photo on it than ,maybe the .info or ,org gets the first spot...

At least until the natural market forces that are taking effect now...takes over Germany.com and then as soon as the new owner puts up relivent and useful content...boom...#1 spot.

Of course it will take sometime to work every keyword domain into the correct 'pecking order' of search results...no doubt.

But, we have already enter the 'era' when this can be done...because of the importance of domain names and the value the now represent.

Thoughts like this...were not even a possibility...5-10 years ago.

Now, I think it is...thats all.

BTW: this is just one small part of the whole Internet search puzzle.



I forgot,

"This would corrupt the whole relevancy of a search engine and user experience."

Its already very very corrupted...your just so used to it...like myself and everyone else...it can be very hard to see... if your not specifically looking for it.

Again, generic domain keywords are just a part of the puzzle...but if you put enough of the pieces of the puzzle together, I think you could have an Internet search engine that could take 12% - 25+% of ALL Internet search quires within 2-3 years...At the same time adding Multi Billions of dollars of value to domain names.

Not a small thing.


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