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October 22, 2007



Thanks Frank for the nice comments...

This is just a 'surface thought' of this idea I have which... runs much much deeper and takes care of almost all the problems with Internet search today as we know it today

Not the least problem being that of...Google and the rest... 'high jacking' internet search...and as a result... hijacked a large portion of the Internet itself.

It's not unlike your post about the fight between the land owners and the railroad owners...

Google is the railroad owner...laying their tracks over the entire 'free land' we call the internet and land already bought and purchased and owned by others.... by domain address asset holders.

And I do not like it one bit...Google building railroad tracks on everyone elses land (the internet) and then charging them money or causing them to spend money for a ticket to ride their train...because its the only train around...and they can get away with it.

As soon as domain and website owners around the world realize THEY own the land...we can evict the railroad owners (barons)...and build our own railroad and give Internet search back to whom it belongs to...domain address asset holders and normal every day people just looking for what they are looking for... which is most likely located on your land and my land.

Google was a GREAT idea 6-10 years ago...its no longer even a good idea...not for 'the people'...which includes all of us.

Google is barely a SE company anymore...Its a high tech advertising media company...and wants to be a Microsoft/Apple.

Going to rely on a company like this to provide and lead the future of Internet search, when they are headed i multi directions besides Internet search?

I don't think so....




Related follow up:
Yahoo Almost as Good as Google in Satisfying Customers

How can this be possible?

Because Google is becoming what MSN, Yahoo is and was in search...not true search engine companies.

I do not think the customer satisfaction results are so much Yahoo search engine has become better... its that Google's has not improved and may be getting worse in a variety of ways other than and including search.(if you ask me...lol)

Why did Google succeed and become such a big hit so fast? It was because the big players at the time...MSN, Yahoo,Excite, Altavista did not provide a good Internet search 'starting point'...for 'the people'

MSN has failed so bad at this, because they were never perceived as a 'search engine' company...that's because they never were a search engine company...they have always been a PC Software company (a destination site)...

And nobody, consciously or unconsciously wanted to give them more control over their Internet lives...from controlling their PC as soon as they turned it on (Windows OS) To the first place they went on the internet...msn search.

(I bet there is not one person that reads this post, who's computer has a Windows OS...has MSN search as their 'start page'. Even though all of the systems come with MSN as the start page).

Google took advantage of this by providing 'freedom' from MSN's control and were viewed as search engine... independent of perceived ties to corporate America and not 'in it' to control were you went and were you spent your money.

But, they now have become what MSN is and was...They have become what people (or at least...me..lol) despise...a corporate conglomerate only interested in the "bottom line"... and to control this bottom line...they have to control you and me.

The people are now ready and will be looking for the next Google...Independent and with a perceived free spirit.

All these 'search engine' company's are trying and/or have become 'destination sites'...that just happen to have a search engine function built into them. Google's not quite to that point...but they will be.

100% true for MSN.... because they started as a 'destination site.
90+% true for Yahoo...The old 'directory' type search model failed with the invention of the 'keyword search' function.
45+% true for Google...with this % growing everyday.

Internet search is a STARTING POINT for finding something on the Internet...It is NOT a destination. And Google is going to find out this sooner or later...just like MSN did.

This Phenomenon (we will called it "The Danno Phenomenon"...lol...) is creating a HUGE opportunity for some creative people with some vision. I think these people are and will come from the Domain and SEO/SEM world.

They have to...because they are the only ones that have the knowledge and understanding of domain assets and internet search.

And not to mention...because of the ownership of these assets and knowlege how they can work...they now how have the means to make this happen.

Doing this will also add billions of dollars of added value to their domain assets as well as everyone else's.

The future for the few that step forward...

Will be to satisfy the ever growing dissatisfaction with Internet search and the company's currently providing Internet search.

Power to the people!

Power to domain and website asset holders!...


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