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October 17, 2007


David Ulevitch


What Aaron writes is just not true. I've never heard of, nor been able to reproduce anything like that.

Let's see a screencast. I'm sure he'll have some trouble "making it happen again" or something.

***FS*** I'm getting it here in Cayman David.. Perhaps GOOG is only applying this to Intl traffic.. Aaaron said he was overseas. Could be a Google test.. try it on the Intl. folks before rolling out domestic.

aaron wall

I added a screenshot here seobook.com/images/spellcheck.png

Please note that after I wrote about seibook.com/bok that some other sites picked up that string of text and one of them ranks in the screenshot I just made.


Frank I still think there are some serious legal issues here. Google obviously has market power, and that puts them under a spotlight and SHOULD cause them to watch their step.

Prediction....they are going to keep on steering the user away from what they clearly want and some sharpy lawyer is going to hang them out to dry.

Like I said....if I was in your situation where they appear to be costing you a substantial sum by their antics....I would go after them in a nanno second. Have you ever touched based with Jon B over this?

Best always Frank.

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