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October 17, 2007




I've posted a couple of times on your blog- One of the reasons I read your blog every day is because you really are willing to share your knowledge with people. Whether it be someone who has been in the business for 7 years or 7 days.
I'm not trying to stroke your ego here, but, it really is a pleasure to see someone as successful as you in an industry that is so huge and "misunderstood" share your "industry wealth". btw- when I say misunderstood I mean an industry below the radar where people have learned the ropes and have become SO monetary successful that it makes others cry in envy.
I personally ONLY own about 50 domains. There maybe two of them that are maybe worth a few thousand dollars each, but, the education I get from your postings is priceless, and keeps me from making larger financial mistakes.
The ONLY thing I would say the industry needs is to better EDUCATE the world. I say this because most people I talk to that are outside the industry have a perceived notion that it is SHADY. Well we all know that every industry has shady characters. Just look at the number of shady telecom people that have retired to Boca Raton, FL. - as you can probably tell I come from the telecom world, but, don't live in Boca Raton:)

Keep up the good work!

Tia Wood

"Try to step out of your comfort zone each day."

I'm a firm believer of that as well. It's easy to forget to do so but it's an adventure when you do. Success doesn't come knocking too often so you have to invite it over for dinner.

Tia Wood

Keep up the great work leading the charge in getting the message out, Frank.

You, Kevin and the gang truly live by the golden rule.

The power of the word / domain names has more meaning today than ever since the beginning of time.

owen frager

great quote on his site:
Fortune favors the prepared mind"
Louis Pasteur

Felipe Barousse

"Try to step out of your comfort zone each day."

These are ones of the most important and valuable words I have read in an industry that is, for many, not understood and often hidden by "network anonimity".

Rising up and speaking is a must. Scary ? yes, maybe sometimes. Risky? could be...
But the final reward outperforms, by far, those issues.

It is the only way to learn the tools and the trade of this great industry and then to know and be known.

Get rid of that shyness/fears/comfort and 'do it', you won't regret it... many will start appreciating what you do or give out to them.
It has worked for me.

Frank, thanks for sharing and teaching.

Kind regards from Mexico city.

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