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October 20, 2007



Talk about some of the 'real players' in the domain game...wow!

Just amazing...were this industry is headed.

At the link for this post...on the left side under: "The Associated Cities Network"

What a great domain portfolio along with real clean, easy functioning websites.

Very well done!


""(who was later inducted into the Domain Hall of Fame with Frank Schilling)""


I do no think any of us, can appreciate 100% right now just how fortunate we are to be able to read Franks post and other members post here right now.

Its just amazing sometimes to reflect how and were this industry is going...my hope is that we ALL find our own great niches in this industry...enough to make a real life changing go of it.


David J Castello

Hi Frank:
On behalf of Michael and myself, thank you for the kind words and it was a pleasure meeting you at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2007.
Take Care,


Though we've yet to meet, David and Michael are obviously a class act.

Their willingness to share how they've built PalmSprings.com into what may be the most successful geodomain site in the world is nothing less than one of the most valuable--and frankly wonderful--gifts successful businessmen have ever given the domain field/industry.

With the launch this past week of my own community website as just one example, there's no telling how many others eyes they've opened as a result of such sharing.

As for myself, were it not for Ron's excellent article on them earlier this year in DN Journal (plus the great examples and resources of Associated Cities and their members), Conejo Valley Dot Com would still be a mere "PPC wasteland."

Until I have the chance to do so in person...thanks guys.

Sahar Sarid

Castello brothers, and Natalie, Some of the nicest folks in the business, class act indeed.

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