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October 19, 2007


Scott Day

I agree with Josh. It is always good to support the hand that feeds you. "The Farmer"


Delighted to see that the Moniker silent auction produced an even bigger sale for Mr. Thibodeaux after the Dallas Cowboys decided they couldn't afford to spend more than $275 on this domain!

What has astounded me about this Dallas Cowboys fiasco as well as the Bodog domain loss, is what sort of total planks do these companies have "working" in their legal departments? These corporate entities (and probably others) seem to be very ill-served by their so-called professional "advisors".

Anyway Mr.Thibodeaux have fun restoring your Camaro out in the barn; enjoy the fruits of your far-sightedness in registering this domain back in the dark ages (c. 1994).


Nice post Margaret,

Its very nice indeed to see what happen to Mr.Thibodeaux.

The 'disconnect' between the domain and online marketing world and other people and companies can seem just unbelievable at times...as well as the 'disconnect' between
companies and their own different departments.

Th fact that they really thought they were buying this domain name for $275.00...
is so very funny on one level...and so very sad on another level.


Sahar Sarid

Agree with Josh, Scott. Farmers are essential.

As for the Dallas Cowboys. Short sighted and internet-ignorant, but I'm not complaining. The more corporations like them, the more we'll all be making.

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