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October 16, 2007


Howard Bowling

Some very nice links Danno, thanks.

Joe Davison

In response to, "Ex-Online Casino Domain Name Falls Short", Barry Parr's comment on the WallStreet.com auction is outrageous, and representative of the cluelessness in corporate America:


He's supposedly an "analyst", but this analysis is pure rubbish.


I agree... Everything he stated is 'rubbish' and he gets paid by someone....WTF.

""Analysts stated that the market for domain names is still healthy despite improvements in search engine technology that have made them less important than site content in attracting customers.""

This quote really kills me...


kelly lieberman

This is a pretty interesting link that lists "major international corporations buying, developing and aggressively marketing domain names that DO NOT mention their brand name".
(Scroll down to the list at the bottom of the page)
Makes me think that I have some decent domains after all...


Hi Frank,

Sorry to contact you in this manner however I thought this might be of interest.

The new Fox Business channel has a program titled "Happy Hour" on at 5:00 and 11:00 PM eastern.

What makes it interesting is the host Cody Willard, claims to own one thousand or so Domain Names and it sounds as though he will be discussing the industry on a fairly regular basis.

Thought you might be interested and THANK YOU for your blog!


***FS*** Wow! That is interesting.

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