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October 20, 2007



What a shame. I guess the bureaucrats in DC were not comfortable having "edgy" Bob Parsons from the Wild West (Scottsdale) making .US live up to its potential. Someone knew someone. The .US had so much potential. Neustar has done a fine job promoting .biz (cough) and .us (cough). Simply looking at their boring website will display that their is little marketing creativity there, and we can expect years more of the ".us death march". Their site kids.us looks like it was done by kids. Anyway, I better stop. When I read the news this morning was "areyouKIDDINGme.us". I would love to hear Bob Parsons take on it.


Actually Frank, rather than just posting the article I'd like to hear your feedback on it. I thought that was the purpose of your blog, to give us a little insight into your expertise and not to just link to other sites...


***FS*** Thanks Mike.. I don't have a strong opinion on this one but wanted to leave a dateline.

Max Menius

.US is a fantastic extension with obvious potential to be huge. Many registrants were ready for the GoDaddy/Afilias bid to be selected so that .US could finally receive meaningful support in the marketplace. Neustar has got a lot of work to do. Watching ... and waiting, are getting very old.

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