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October 22, 2007




I cannot even bring myself to click on the link to this story. I know Franks commentary has to be 'spot on' about it...without me having to read it.

Thanks for saving me the aggravation of reading it.



Bwwwaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahaha!

And companies should return all land they aren't using, trademarks they aren't using, etc.


From the article:

"Forbes found that every possible two-character and three-character combination of letters and numbers is gone."

No Kidding!!

Jeffrey Reynolds

My neighbor hasn't made good use of his yard and most of the front yard is vacant execept for some grass. I'm taking it from him.

Steve Browne

The same discussion is happening over here in the UK:


I can't understand why some people are so against domain ownership. Sure I wish I had all the great generics, but I make do with what I can get. I don't complain about the system.


On the other hand, there are already laws made regarding absentee landlords. Reforms have occurred throughout history. People who own large *undeveloped* domains should beware of the possibilities. Do not just park the pages, but at least have a one page website that tries to do some business. Or risk the law taking it away.


Reading the article feels like going on a time warp back 10 years ago when this kind of commentary was actually news,

"Every English word with four letters has also been taken including, of course, all the four-letter words. The most common 1,000 words in the English language? All gone. The 1,219 most-common male names, 2,841 most-common female names and the 10,000 most common surnames in the U.S. are also registered."

Rob Sequin

What a dick!

Yeah right.

Like all the people who went west in the 1800s to claim land should give it all back and let me have it for the same price of like $1 an acre.

Greedy bastards!


"Do not just park the pages, but at least have a one page website that tries to do some business. Or risk the law taking it away. Posted by: Chui | October 22, 2007 at 06:29 PM"

How is parking not doing business on a domain?

kelly lieberman

I posted this on Rick's Blog on oct 14th:
"please stop paying attention to him." ??? You have got to be kidding! Read and learn..there is still plenty of opportunity for anyone with some chutzpah! My Dad bought vacant farm land in 1973 for $90,000.He has leased it to farmers for their cows to graze(parking!), which wiped out his taxes to under $300 (registrar fees!). Meanwhile, has sold 2 parcels, and his remaining parcel for sale will net him a cool 7 figures in the next year!!! See the parallel? Somehow, you have missed the boat on business. My Dad never needed to develop the land to make it legitimate. Business is business. Get on the boat (any boat!) If you are reading the blog edward than You are paying attention to him....

Posted by: kelly lieberman | October 14, 2007 at 03:57 PM


...and can you believe this...all those many empty wombs out there belonging to beautiful, intellegent, athletic women in their 20's...why shouldn't all the couples deperate to have a child be able to use (take) them for themselves...for free?

Well, why not--THEY'RE not using them, right?



Check out Snoopy...telling it like it is.

As long as your not violating anyones TM...



Blue Bandit

It's not who owns the domain, it is what they do with it and who is affected as a result of what is done with the domain.

We already have so much yet we complain about who owns a domain.

When we leave this earth, our domain portfolio won't come with us.

David Wrixon

The fell asleep at the wheel analogy has some resonance, as German dot DE IDNs are now more or less on terms with their ASCII counterparts and just about to bash through the $XXX,XXX mark.



Would somebody tell Mr. Forbes to allow all the poor folks who have no money free access to his bank account. Heck, he is probably sitting on a stash he's not using.

CD Rates

Is it worth it to buy long-tail key phrases, SEO the page for the phrase and provide a link to your main site or is that going to get you penalized by SEs and/or irritate the users?

***FS*** Can't speak to user irritation etc.. but buying longtail generics is good. IMO.

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