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October 22, 2007



RE: Panasonic 103

Oh my!, that is one awesome TV. The fact you can fit a 7'5 person horizontally or four 42" plasmas inside your TV is a beautiful site.

For those of you that did not click on the link (Panasonic 103) in the story provided above should go back and click it...that's the WOW factor.

Frank, you probably needed to rent a small crane to get that TV from the truck to inside the house...:)



Hey Frank,
Do you remember "Commander Tom" or the "Rocketship 7" kids programs that WKBW-TV 7 used to show in the afternoons back in the swinging 70s?

As a native Buffalonian, your comments on growing up with the programming on ABC 7 gave me a few flashbacks. Unfortunately it looks like rocketship7.com and commandertomjolls.com both have reverted to parked pages, from their original content sites. Another childhood memory that succombs to the domain industry....

***FS*** I grew up on Rocketship 7.. remember it *very* well. That Apollo Rocket lifting off.. It sticks with you. :)


Now...were getting somewhere...

I think if you couple this post and the information in it...and this post (2 below)


You will have what I am going to call the makings or start of: 'The Domain Worlds Perfect Storm'

This 'Perfect Storm'...just like in the movie (the perfect storm) is going to be caused by 3 or more giant, but totally separate storms coming together at once.

These separate storms are currently coming from different parts of the world and from different industry's (TV, Internet, Media, Tech).

The water is pretty calm right now and the 'fishing' is good, but once these separate storms brewing in all these different industry's collide the results are going to be tragic for some...

But unlike the 'movie' its going to be amazingly uplifting for others...mainly the new media dynasty's that appear after this 'perfect storm' which includes (And may be lead by) major generic domain holders.

Most that read Franks blog or are just in the domain business in some fashion at all (very small - to very large ways)can already see the shift thats going on towards generic domain names. This current tread is going to just keep accelerating.

But, as a result of this 'perfect storm' brewing and finally colliding...

(unfortunately...unlike a real 'weather storm' who's results can be seen a couple days after the storm....this perfect storms results will be seen much slower and will take a few more years).

...many, many different things will also happen...all should be to the direct benefit to domain holders.

One I see coming...that I have never heard anyone mention even the possibility of... is that there be a huge shift to using domain names to get people FROM the Internet to TV (TV Channels)... unlike the current tread of using domains...to get people from their TV to the Internet.

This shift will NOT take away from the current use of domains in advertisements on TV to get people to their online property's (I think this will be accelerating also)

...rather its going to be whole new use for domain names...and will just create an even bigger demand and market for generic domain assets.

This is just one of many things I personally see happing as a result of this coming 'perfect 'storm'.

As always...'only time will tell'.

But, Please reflect on whats going on...you do NOT want to be having a great few days or weeks of 'fishing on your boat'...and then find yourself in the 'perfect storm'...totally unprepared and as a result...lost at sea.


owen frager

Meanwhile, Chris Chena just parlayed his domain sales success into taking ownership of REAL TV and radio stations:


OWEN...thanks for the 'positive' follow up post.

Most of the time I feel I am on an Island...

NOT the 'Cayman Islands'...(LOL...Frank).

More like the Island in..."Castaway" (after my plane crashes) like Tom Hanks...but without..."Spalding" to talk to...LOL


But, I think Franks blog has become my "Spalding"...sounds kind of weak and sad, I know.

But I have to get at least part of this stuff out.

""Who would think the Internet helps to buy TV and Radio!", he exclaimed. Knowing Chena as I did, I would think it because it was Chris Chena...Paraguay's Internet, TV & Radio Magnate obvious to me that he was going to be wildly successful.

""Today he stands as the embodiment of what carefully chosen domains can do for an enterprise and of how the Internet continues to replace all other forms of media as the world's most important communications platform.""

The author's conclusions are almost right until this last paragraph...


The last 17 words of the last 'quoted' paragraph above...are totally wrong. (it may be now and seem...right now...BUT...

(Yes, the Internet is going to be fine and bring amazing things)...

TV will not only 'remain 'the media of choice....it is and will become the next revolution.

This...is a part of my 'perfect storm' scenario...which serious domain owners have to... start understanding.

It's not all going to be about web 2.0!

On the surface, this might seem like a 'bad thing' for domain owners and the Internet...but in reality...its the best thing that could ever happen to domain owners...the Internet...TV,



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